2024 East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Updates

Two members of the Ohio National Guard wearing hazmat suits after the East Palestine train derailment

Looking for East Palestine, Ohio train derailment updates? How are the cleanup efforts going? How was the local community affected? A year after a catastrophic train derailment in Ohio led to a massive chemical spill, clean-up efforts are nearing conclusion—but health concerns linger. While government officials assert that the environment is safe, some East Palestine residents remain concerned. Below is a look at the steps that have been taken to manage the derailment fallout and a look at the regulatory actions that have been implemented since.

The Manipulative Patterns in Ted Bundy’s Relationships

A close-up image of Ted Bundy.

What were the red flags in Ted Bundy’s relationships? How did he live a double life with his girlfriends? Bundy’s relationships with women, particularly his partners Elizabeth Kendall and Stephanie Brooks, reveal a pattern of manipulation and deception. According to the Morbid podcast, he sought revenge post-breakup and maintained a facade during his killing spree.  Continue reading to learn more about how Bundy manipulated so many women.

The History of the Liberty Bell: From the Revolutionary War to WWI

The history of the Liberty Bell illustrated through its hanging in Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Where does the history of the Liberty Bell begin? Where is it now? The history of the Liberty Bell starts in 1751, when it was forged on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Since, it has become relevant in many periods of American history, such as during the abolitionist movement and later World War I. Read on to understand the depth of the significance of the Liberty Bell in history, as recounted on the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

Patrick McKeown’s Breathing Exercises for Better Comfort

A woman with her eyes closed, performing a breathing exercise while meditating.

Why should you reduce your breathing rate? What’s the top Patrick McKeown breathing exercise? According to Patrick McKeown, breathing is for much more than just survival. Improper breathing can disrupt your day-to-day life, even disrupting your sleep and overall health. Let’s see why McKeown is adamant about proper breathing, as discussed on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

Is Being Famous Worth It? See What the Bad Friends Podcast Says

A fashion model posing on the runway as people take pictures of her, questioning if being famous is worth it.

Is being famous worth it? How hard is it to become successful in the entertainment industry? Becoming a household name in the entertainment industry is one of the toughest jobs out there. But even when you hit your desired level of success, being famous isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. Continue reading to learn why the Bad Friends podcast says fame might not be all it’s made out to be.

Who Is Larry Elder? Understanding Conservative Politics

Larry Elder, conservative media figure, speaking on stage dressed in a suit

Who is Larry Elder? What’s his perspective on the current political climate? Larry Elder is a conservative podcast host and public figure who has provided support for politicians including Donald Trump and Ron Desantis. Elder works to counter what he sees as a negative media portrayal of conservatives on an episode of the PBD Podcast. Here is some context for what Larry Elder thinks and what his arguments are.

Looking Back on the Kanye West-Adidas Contract Negotiations

A pair of black Yeezys with the logo on the inside, made from the Kanye West-Adidas contract..

How did Adidas deal with Kanye West’s controversies over the years? What were the partners’ requests during contract negotiations? In 2016, Kanye West found himself in a growing number of controversies. The Daily breaks down how Adidas dealt with the backlash by reevaluating the Kanye West-Adidas contract that year. Learn more about Adidas’s attempt to do damage control to save the company.

Why Are Groceries Getting So Expensive?

A woman in a grocery store holding bread and contemplating why groceries are so expensive

Why are groceries getting so expensive, despite inflation going down? What role does greed play? How is the government responding? Surging grocery store prices have left American families paying an average of 25% more for food since the pandemic’s onset. Lower-income families are disproportionately affected. Factors fueling the price hikes include supply chain struggles, corporate profiteering, and the war in Ukraine. Continue reading for more insights into the rising cost of groceries.

The Real Story of the Axeman, American Horror Story’s Jazz Killer

A man holding up a large axe at night, overlooking a cityscape

Was the Axeman American Horror Story references real? What was the true story? The Axeman that American Horror Story mentions was a real serial killer who haunted New Orleans in the years 1918-1919. He was well known for a public letter he wrote declaring that any residents who played jazz from their homes would be spared. For more on this notorious killer, read this retelling of a segment of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

The 2023 Bad Friends Podcast Halloween Episode: Recap

The logo for the Bad Friends podcast Halloween episode with two cartoon heads.

How did the Bad Friends podcast celebrate Halloween? What are the hosts’ outlook on the spooky holiday? The Bad Friends podcast Halloween episode was an exciting time for both the crew and fans. Not only did they reminisce about their childhood memories of the holiday, but the crew also had fun playing a harmless prank on the hosts. Read below for a brief overview of the “Unspooky Halloween” episode of Bad Friends.