How AI Chatbots Are Changing the Future of Communication

A man talking to an AI chatbot in a depiction of the future of communication

What are the pros and cons of using AI chatbots? Are chatbots like ChatGPT the future of communication? How are chatbots changing how we connect with other humans? The growing prevalence and sophistication of chatbots is reshaping human language, communication, and relationships. As people interact with increasingly human-like chatbots, their conversations with humans could turn more transactional, diluting their ability to empathize and build rapport. Continue reading for a look at chatbots’ effects on communication and the potential risks.

Journalism Layoffs Threaten Truth and Democracy

A newspaper store in a city with a closing sign on the front door

Why are journalism layoffs at an all-time high? Why is this so dangerous for society? Which outlets are the most likely to survive? Traditional journalism faces a cataclysmic crisis due to the rise of tech giants, outdated business models, and consumer behavior shifts. The crisis has led to massive job losses in journalism and increased mistrust of the media. Experts warn it could fuel manipulation in democratic processes. Keep reading to learn what’s behind the layoffs and the detrimental effects they could have.

The Cause of the Severe Weather in California

A young man walking through a flooded city street wearing a backpack

What is an atmospheric river? How are they affecting California’s weather? Will California’s weather get more or less extreme in the coming years? A record-breaking storm hit California in early February 2024, causing widespread flooding in major cities. Researchers predict that as global temperatures continue to rise, California will experience more intense storms with increased dry spells between them. Continue reading to learn what’s behind the severe weather in California and the challenges it creates.

Satire and Society: How Comedians Address Serious Issues

A man holding a microphone in front of a large audience, giving a satire and society comedy routine.

How do comedians handle important issues in their routines? Do satire and society go hand-in-hand? On Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts and Rich Vos talk about the serious issues they discuss in their comedic routines. They also focus on minority groups and the work they do to contribute to society, which is often overlooked. Take a look at how comedians approach serious issues.

Is Social Media Beneficial or Harmful? Why It Can Be Both

A tablet showing an Instagram photo of a woman taking a selfie on social media.

Is social media beneficial or harmful? What role do influencers play in people’s lives? Social media is more than just a platform to share photos with family and friends. It’s now become a place where people conduct business, including influencers who rely on viewership and followers for income. But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Here’s why Brittany Broski believes social media has its benefits and drawbacks, as stated on The Broski Report.

Biden’s Natural Gas Suspension: Environment vs. Economy

A cargo ship on the ocean carrying liquid natural gas.

What are the environmental consequences of natural gas exports? How is the Biden administration tackling the trade-off between increased natural gas exports and climate change goals? The Biden administration has temporarily suspended approval of natural gas exports to non-free trade agreement countries. As Democrats prepare for the 2024 presidential election, they must balance the economic benefits of increasing natural gas exports with fulfilling climate change pledges. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of Biden’s natural gas suspension.

Highlights From the “Red Power God (tier 2)” Podcast Episode

A podcast setup on a desk with two microphones, a camera, and a computer.

What does it mean to have the “Red Power God” title? Is it better to live life through a comedic lens? In the podcast episode “Red Power God (tier 2)” of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts discuss a number of topics that currently interest them. Among them are Ken Wilber’s A Theory of Everything and the downsides of modern technology. Take a look at some of the topics Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis discuss in this episode.

Sergeant Lee Ye-ram: Stephanie Soo Discusses the Tragic Story

Sergeant Lee Ye-ram: Stephanie Soo Discusses the Tragic Story

Who was Sergeant Lee Ye-ram? What difference is her short life—and awful death—making? The tragic case of South Korean Air Force Sergeant Lee Ye-ram exposed deep flaws in the military’s treatment of women and handling of sexual assault allegations. Her story highlights the urgent need for systemic reform to protect servicewomen and uphold accountability. Continue reading for a summary of Stephanie Soo’s discussion of Lee Ye-ram in an episode of her podcast Rotten Mango.

South Korean Military Women: How Lee Ye-ram’s Case Sheds Light

South Korean Military Women: How Lee Ye-ram’s Case Sheds Light

What’s it like to be a woman in the South Korean armed forces? What can we learn from the shocking case of Lee Ye-ram? The tragic death of South Korean Air Force Sergeant Lee Ye-ram has drawn attention to the way South Korean military women are treated. Sergeant Lee’s story exposes severe systemic issues that demand reform to better protect female service members in South Korea’s male-dominated military culture. Read more to learn more about the case, as discussed on an episode of Stephanie Soo’s podcast Rotten Mango.

Military Culture: Lee Ye-ram’s Story Is a Clarion Call for Reform

Military Culture: Lee Ye-ram’s Story Is a Clarion Call for Reform

What’s it like to navigate the rigid hierarchy of the military? How does military culture resist progress? South Korean Air Force Sergeant Lee Ye-ram’s tragic suicide after a sexual assault ignited public outrage and exposed deep-seated problems in military culture that aren’t unique to South Korea. On an episode of the Rotten Mango podcast, Stephanie Soo discussed the systemic failures highlighted by the case. Continue reading to learn how Sergeant Lee’s story is a clarion call for reform in military culture.