The 3 Benefits of Letting Go of Unhelpful Emotions

A smiling old woman holding her arms out, experiencing the benefits of letting go.

What are the benefits of letting go of unhelpful emotions? How are these negative feelings destroying your relationships? David R. Hawkins cites that there are tangible benefits you can experience if you release unhelpful emotions. These benefits will rid you of self-imposed limitations, improve your relationships, and protect your health. Continue reading for more information about these life-changing benefits.

How to Release Negative Emotions From the Body & Mind

A brain emerging from a top hat with emotions coming out of it, representing how to release negative emotions from the body.

Have negative emotions been preventing you from living your best life? Do you know how to release negative emotions from the body? David R. Hawkins argues that the best way to handle unhelpful emotions is to completely release them. Once you learn how to do this, you’ll feel less attached to external experiences and objects. Here’s how to let go of the emotions you’ve been desperately avoiding.

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion (Overview)

A young man reads a book in a cozy library or bookshop with tall bookshelves and a bright window

What if you applied martial arts principles to communication? What difference could it make in your ability to make your message heard? George Thompson argues that Verbal Judo is the most effective way to resolve conflicts and respond to confrontations. He explains each of his method’s principles and how to apply them, even under pressure. Continue reading for an overview of Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion by George Thompson.

Verbal Judo for Law Enforcement: Using Words, Not Force

A police officer talks calmly and compassionately with a troubled man, illustrating Verbal Judo for law enforcement

How is Verbal Judo applied to law enforcement? What happens when police officers practice empathy? Law enforcement trainer and English professor George Thompson wrote Verbal Judo to explain how to handle any tense situation calmly. He argues that, in a high-pressure situation, it’s most effective to act as if you’re practicing judo. Keep reading to learn about Verbal Judo for law enforcement.

The Importance of Empathy in Communication (+ Tips)

Two men talking pleasantly in a cafe illustrate the importance of empathy in communication

What difference does empathy make in communication? How can it help you de-escalate tense moments? According to law enforcement trainer and English professor George Thompson, empathy is a powerful tool when you need to introduce calm into a high-stress situation. He presents empathy as a fundamental tool in the Verbal Judo toolbox. Continue reading to learn about the importance of empathy in communication and how to use it to read people.