How to Teach Values to Your Child Using Instructive Discipline

A father and mother teaching values to their child, in a living room

Want to know how to teach values to your child? Why is instructive discipline more effective than punitive discipline? Rather than punishing a child for doing something wrong, the authors of The Connected Child suggest using misbehavior as a chance to instill values in children. Shifting from punitive to instructive discipline allows parents to show compassion even in moments of frustration. Here’s how to teach values using instructive discipline.

How to Bond With Your Child as an Adoptive Parent

A happy father and daughter are hugging, show how to bond with your child

Are you an adoptive parent who wants to know how to bond with your child? How can you work to build trust with an adopted child? Bonding with an adopted child can be more challenging than bonding with a biological child. The authors of The Connected Child recommend focusing on safety, trust, and sensory-rich activities. Keep reading for adoptive parenting tips from Purvis, Cross, and Sunshine.

Fetal Development & Childhood Isolation of Adopted Children

An isolated child in a crib at an orphanage

Do you have an adopted child? Are they developing in a way that seems out of the norm? The authors of The Connected Child say that adopted children often develop at different rates due to factors including toxin exposure while in the womb and childhood isolation in institutions. The authors recommend disregarding any pre-set notions and taking a holistic approach to adoptive parenting. Continue reading to learn more about the challenges adopted children face, and how to handle them.

The Importance of Parental Self-Care for Adoptive Parents

A woman relaxing in a bath, signifying the importance of parental self-care

Are you an adoptive or foster parent? Do you ever feel inadequate or frustrated? How does your mental health affect the child you’re caring for? In their book The Connected Child, the authors highlight the importance of parental self-care, especially when caring for at-risk children. It’s necessary for parents to confront their own wounds and prioritize their own mental health to be successful caregivers. Here’s why parental self-care is essential for adoptive parents.

How to Support the Physical & Mental Development of Children

A young boy playing soccer to boost his physical and mental development

How can you support your child’s physical and mental development? How can nutrition affect mental health? The book The Connected Child is aimed at helping adoptive parents navigate the struggles of parenthood. However, much of the advice in their book is helpful to anyone who’s raising a child who experienced a difficult past. Here’s how you can help support your child’s physical and mental growth.

The Connected Child: Book Overview & Key Takeaways

A happy child smiling in the arms of their parent, outside

Are you adopting or fostering a child? What are the unique challenges that come with adoptive parenting? Parenting is hard under normal circumstances, but the job becomes even more challenging when fostering or adopting a child. The book The Connected Child discusses many of those challenges and provides advice for overcoming them. Keep reading for a brief overview of The Connected Child.

The US Online Sports Betting Industry Is on the Rise

A man at an online sports betting center highlighting the growing industry

What’s propelled the overwhelming growth of the US online sports betting industry? What risks stem from the sector’s largely unchecked expansion? How will sports betting evolve? The US online sports betting industry, now legal in 38 states, has grown exponentially in recent years due to increased digital accessibility and changing societal norms. Critics say the sector’s unchecked growth is fueling Americans’ gambling problem and increasing the potential for money laundering. Below, we’ll look at the rise of online sports betting and the dangers that come with it.

What Is Drip Pricing & How Is It Dangerous?

A man holding a credit card in front of a computer screen who is shocked at drip pricing

What is drip pricing? What psychological tactics enable the practice? How can regulation curb it? Drip pricing is a deceptive business practice that advertises a low price, then adds hidden fees at the final payment. US federal agencies are exploring regulatory action against drip pricing as part of the Biden Administration’s economic agenda, though the success of these measures remains to be seen. Keep reading to learn about deceptive drip pricing practices and if anything can be done to prevent them.

The Upcoming Solar Eclipse—Everything You Need to Know

A family of three watching the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

When is the upcoming solar eclipse? What is a total solar eclipse? How can you safely view the eclipse without causing damage to your eyes? When a total solar eclipse occurs, our planet, our moon, and the sun align to enable the tiny moon to block out the giant sun. While partial solar eclipses aren’t super rare, total solar eclipses are much less common. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming solar eclipse.

What the Blackcat Hack on UnitedHealth Group Exposed

A black cat hacking computer code in a dimly lit room.

How did the Blackcat hack impact the US healthcare system? What vulnerabilities did it expose? How did UnitedHealth Group and the federal government respond to the breach? A February cyberattack on Change Healthcare severely disrupted the healthcare system’s operation and exposed its vulnerability to cyber threats. The attack highlighted the sector’s systemic weaknesses, including outdated technology, a lack of dedicated cybersecurity staff, and inadequate emergency protocols. Below we’ll look at the cyberattack, what happened in the wake of the attack, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.