How to Bond With Your Child as an Adoptive Parent

A happy father and daughter are hugging, show how to bond with your child

Are you an adoptive parent who wants to know how to bond with your child? How can you work to build trust with an adopted child? Bonding with an adopted child can be more challenging than bonding with a biological child. The authors of The Connected Child recommend focusing on safety, trust, and sensory-rich activities. Keep reading for adoptive parenting tips from Purvis, Cross, and Sunshine.

The Man’s Guide to Women: Gottman on Dating and Marriage

Man reading a book, representing The Man's Guide to Women, Gottman's book on relationships

What’s covered in The Man’s Guide to Women, John and Julie Schwartz Gottman’s book on relationships? What does it say about relationships with women? In The Man’s Guide to Women, Gottman advises men to become attuned to their partners’ needs and take care of them emotionally. The book also covers trademarks of bad relationships. For more on relationships between men and women, read on.

How to Improve Intimacy in a Relationship in Six Steps

A couple on a beach comforting each other as they learn how to improve intimacy in a relationship.

When learning how to improve intimacy in a relationship, what should you focus on? How do you build a deeper connection with your partner? To improve intimacy in a relationship, you need to attune to your partner’s feelings, connect physically and emotionally, and invest in each other’s dreams. Staying curious about your partner and continuing to date years into a relationship can also improve your connection.  Keep reading to learn more about building closeness.

How to Deal With Conflict in a Marriage: 2 Tips for Resolution

A couple struggling with understanding how to deal with conflict in a marriage as they're arguing and looking angry at each other

Do you know how to deal with conflict in a marriage? What should you do when you disagree with your spouse or have hurt feelings? To deal with conflict in a marriage healthily, you need to focus on regulating your own emotions and self-soothing so that you can react in a constructive way with your spouse. It’s also important that you listen to your partner, especially before offering advice and solutions. Here’s what you can do to handle disagreements in a healthy way.