2024 East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Updates

Two members of the Ohio National Guard wearing hazmat suits after the East Palestine train derailment

Looking for East Palestine, Ohio train derailment updates? How are the cleanup efforts going? How was the local community affected? A year after a catastrophic train derailment in Ohio led to a massive chemical spill, clean-up efforts are nearing conclusion—but health concerns linger. While government officials assert that the environment is safe, some East Palestine residents remain concerned. Below is a look at the steps that have been taken to manage the derailment fallout and a look at the regulatory actions that have been implemented since.

Patrick McKeown’s Breathing Exercises for Better Comfort

A woman with her eyes closed, performing a breathing exercise while meditating.

Why should you reduce your breathing rate? What’s the top Patrick McKeown breathing exercise? According to Patrick McKeown, breathing is for much more than just survival. Improper breathing can disrupt your day-to-day life, even disrupting your sleep and overall health. Let’s see why McKeown is adamant about proper breathing, as discussed on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

The Best Breathing Techniques for Sleep (Mel Robbins Podcast)

A woman using the best breathing techniques for sleep while holding a teddy bear and sleeping in bed.

Can you improve your sleep by breathing properly? What are the best breathing techniques for sleep?  From his personal health history, Patrick McKeown recounts the negative ramifications of habitual mouth breathing, such as inflammation and sleep issues. High breathing rates can actually disturb rest, leading to tiredness throughout the following day. Here are ways you can get better sleep by properly breathing, according to tips on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

Patrick McKeown & Mel Robbins on Breathing’s Role in Health

An image of pink, healthy lungs.

What are common misconceptions about breathing? How does breathing help you perform physical activities better? In a podcast hosted by Mel Robbins, breathing becomes a central topic when she brings on guest Patrick McKeown, who’s a renowned breathing expert. They both emphasize the significance of proper breathing for overall wellness.  Find out The Mel Robbins Podcast’s benefits of proper breathing to see why you should pay attention to it more.

Super Aging & the Pursuit of Cognitive Longevity (Huberman Lab)

a healthy smiling older white-haired woman - arms open wide - a super ager illustrating super aging and cognitive longevity

Are you super aging? What can you do to experience cognitive longevity? On the Huberman Lab podcast, Dr. Andrew Huberman pointed to super agers—elders who remain cognitively sharp over time by leading vigorous, engaged lives. As researchers uncover why these exceptional individuals seem to defy aging’s cognitive decline, their lifestyles offer inspiration to all of us. Read more to understand how continual learning and challenge-seeking habits can help you sustain mental fitness later in life.

Ozempic and Body Positivity: How the Drug Hurts the Movement

Ozempic and Body Positivity: How the Drug Hurts the Movement

How is Ozempic hurting the body positivity movement? Is Ozempic a healthy way to lose weight? On The Daily Podcast, Michael Barbaro delves into how public perception has shifted from regarding Ozempic as a diabetes solution to a potential shortcut for weight loss. One could point to a societal fixation on obesity and thinness as a cause for this shift. Let’s look at the Ozempic-body positivity clash that’s currently happening.

Vivek Ramaswamy: Big Pharma Is a Big Problem

Vivek Ramaswamy: Big Pharma Is a Big Problem

What’s wrong with the pharmaceutical industry? How is Vivek Ramaswamy in a position to criticize it? According to Vivek Ramaswamy, Big Pharma is a big problem. On a podcast episode of The Shawn Ryan Show, Ramaswamy cited concerns about inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and ethics in the pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading for a summary of Ramaswamy’s take on Big Pharma as discussed in the episode.

Weight Loss Success Stories With and Without Medication

Weight Loss Success Stories With and Without Medication

What are some weight loss success stories? Can weight loss be achieved without medication? The Daily podcast features the narratives of two women who have had starkly different encounters with weight loss medications. This is to show the benefits and drawbacks of using weight loss medications. Read below for these two stories that involve weight loss medications so you can get different perspectives.

The Impact of Future Weight Loss Drugs on the Market and Health

The Impact of Future Weight Loss Drugs on the Market and Health

What will the future of weight loss drugs look like? Are medications the new way to shed some pounds? Dani Blum projects an expansion in the weight loss drug market, with a spectrum of new drugs under development. Along with Michael Barbaro on The Daily podcast, Blum hypothesizes the effect future weight loss drugs will have on the market. Continue reading to learn how Ozempic and other weight loss medications will affect the drug market in the future.