Tom Segura and Layne Norton on Fitness & Bodybuilding

A man lifting weights at the gym.

Who is Layne Norton? What type of expertise does Norton have in the fitness community? On the podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, Layne Norton talks about fitness fabrications and his bodybuilding journey. Norton, who holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences concentrated in protein metabolism, has built a distinguished reputation in the health and fitness domain. Discover more about one of the top experts in fitness and bodybuilding.

Szilveszter Matuska: The Train-Obsessed Mass Murderer

Train on a track, example of Szilveszter Matuska's attempted train derailments

Why is Szilveszter Matuska known as the train-obsessed killer? What did he do? Szilveszter Matuska was a mass murderer who would intentionally cause train accidents in Hungary, Germany, and Austria in the 1930s. While some assumed he had political motives, others thought he may have been acting out a simple fetish for destruction. Here’s more about this killer from Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery & Makeup.

Michael Stipe’s Solo Album and Departure From R.E.M.

Michael Stipe lead musician of R.E.M. on stage

How has Michael Stipe’s solo album performed? How did Michael Stipe transition into solo music? Michael Stipe’s solo album dives into ambient electronica, a departure from R.E.M.’s typical sound. Stipe’s success in his solo album demonstrates how artists can grow and transition throughout their careers. Read more on the release of this album with these insights from the podcast Smartless.

An Interview With Bobby Moynihan: SNL and Beyond

Bobby Moynihan and Horatio Sanz smiling for a photo with upside down glasses on

What is the backstory of Bobby Moynihan, SNL actor? How did he get to be on Saturday Night Live (SNL), and what’s he known for? For Bobby Moynihan, SNL was a key part of career development and becoming famous for comedy. In an episode of the podcast Fly on the Wall, he spoke in depth about this journey. Here’s what we know about Bobby Moynihan from his podcast interview with Dana Carvey and David Spade.

Michael Stipe’s Art Beyond Music: Sculpture & Photography

Michael stipe on stage looking to the left thoughtfully

When was it that for Michael Stipe, art became a focus? How did he grow into visual arts with a start in music? For Michael Stipe, arts like photography and sculpture have played important roles in his career post-R.E.M. Stipe even has plans to exhibit his art at a gallery in Milan, Italy. Read more about Stipe’s transition into other forms of art with these insights from the podcast Smartless.

Serhiy Prytula & Ukrainian Civilians Are Helping Fund the War

Serhiy Prytula holding a Russian drone captured by Ukrainian forces

Who’s Serhiy Prytula? How does his personal journey symbolize Ukrainian civilians as a whole? An episode of The Daily podcast explored Serhiy Prytula’s role in Ukraine’s drone campaign, showcasing diverse civilian support in the war against Russia. From fundraising success to strategic impact, Prytula’s journey embodies unity and strength—and it’s helping shape the conflict’s narrative. Keep reading for a summary of the episode, along with some helpful context and additional perspectives.

The Last Podcast on the Left Hosts: Get to Know Them

A cartoon of a man hosting a podcast with a computer and microphone.

Who are the Last Podcast on the Left’s hosts? How do the hosts connect to the audience? Podcasts excel in creating a connection between listeners through stories and true experiences. The Last Podcast on the Left’s episode, “Side Stories: Ham Hands,” is no different, as the hosts reveal more about their personal lives. If you want to know more about the lives of the hosts behind the microphones, keep reading.

Who Is Darlene Love? The R&B and Soul Singer Opens Up

Darlene Love holding a microphone.

Who is Darlene Love? What were the pivotal moments that defined the soul singer’s career? Darlene Love joins Julia Louis-Dreyfus for an episode of Wiser Than Me, in which Love looks back on her life and career. The singer reflects on the decision to move to New York in her 40s to catapult her career and her childhood influences. Keep reading to learn more about Love and how she became a prominent musician.

Who Is Ruth Reichl? Get to Know the Food Writer and Chef

A long dining table with food and plates.

Who is Ruth Reichl? What’s Reichl’s personal experience with aging and coping with her body image? On an episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia Louis-Dreyfus sits down with food critic Ruth Reichl to talk about body image concerns and aging as a woman. Food becomes an important topic of conversation throughout the episode, shining a light on the role it plays in one’s body image. Keep reading to learn more about Ruth Reichl beyond the writer and food critic.

Who Is Stephen Curry? Inside the Life of the Basketball Player

Stephen Curry raising his arm in a basketball game.

Who is Stephen Curry? How does Curry handle the pressures of being in the NBA? Stephen Curry was a recent guest on the Smartless podcast, in which he talked about his life and impressive career as a basketball player. As one of the greatest basketball players today, he opens up about handling high expectations and balancing career ambitions with his personal life. Keep reading if you want to know more about Curry beyond what you see on the court.