Diane von Fürstenberg’s Life Story From Childhood to Designer

Fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg sitting against a red background.

How did Diane von Fürstenberg get into fashion? Why does the designer encourage people to accept their age? In an episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and legendary fashion designer, Diane von Fürstenberg cleanse the rudimentary belief of fashion just being about clothes. She extends this authenticity to her public image, visible in her unfiltered social media pictures.  Let’s take a look at Diane von Fürstenberg’s life story that she tells on Louis-Dreyfus’ podcast.

Theo Von & Jordan Peterson Discuss Free Speech, AI, and More

Jordan Peterson speaks with attendees at the 2018 Young Women's Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas

What does Jordan Peterson think about Canadian society, emerging technology, and education? What’s a conversation between him and Theo Von like? In an episode of This Past Weekend with Theo Von, Jordan Peterson delved into a captivating exploration of pressing issues shaping our world. He navigated diverse concerns such as free speech, climate change, digital ethics, and personal growth—offering insightful perspectives and engaging dialogue. Continue reading for a summary of the podcast episode.

What to Know About Donald Trump’s Fraud Trial of 2023

Donald Trump, who is facing a fraud trial, waving.

What’s the controversy around Donald Trump’s fraud trial? What charges are Trump facing for the alleged crime? On The Daily podcast, Michael Barbaro sheds light on a momentous civil lawsuit in New York City aimed at Donald Trump. The lawsuit alleges that he exaggerated assets to obtain favorable loan and insurance conditions. Check out more about the civil lawsuit Trump is currently facing.

Gun Rights: The Supreme Court Tests Its Own Limits on Guns

Exterior of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington DC

How should the Second Amendment be interpreted in the 21st century? Should historical precedent inform legislation today? The Daily podcast took on the controversial topic of gun rights. Supreme Court justices and legal experts discussed how the Second Amendment should be interpreted today. Host Sabrina Tavernise led a deep dive into a momentous case holding significant implications for America’s gun rights landscape. Continue reading for a summary of the episode—along with context, alternative perspectives, and recommendations for related reading.

Jordan Peterson: Free Speech Is Under Attack

Jordan Peterson speaks at the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you really have freedom of speech? Do you feel like you can fully express your views privately or online? What has Jordan Peterson’s experience been? According to Jordan Peterson, free speech is at great risk. Peterson and podcast host Theo Von engaged in a stimulating conversation on This Past Weekend. They talked about compelled speech legislation in Canada, speech on the internet, and AI deepfakes. Read more for a summary of this conversation, along with some context and recommendations for related reading.

Judge Engoron: Trump’s Documents Are Nothing But Misleading

Donald Trump waving.

Has Judge Arthur Engoron been favorable to Donald Trump in his ongoing legal battle? What did Trump’s sons say about their father when they took the stand? In a civil lawsuit overseen by Judge Engoron, Trump hasn’t been on the winning side. The Daily podcast highlights the most crucial moments from the case in a new episode. Keep reading to learn how Judge Engoron feels about Trump’s sketchy financial statements.

Exploring Diane von Fürstenberg’s Career in Fashion

Diane von Fürstenberg smiling.

How did Diane von Fürstenberg begin her career? What kind of legacy did Fürstenberg leave on the fashion industry? Belgian-American fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, renowned for her iconic wrap dress, has made significant contributions to the fashion industry and women’s empowerment. With her eponymous fashion company available in over 70 countries, she has become a global figure in the world of fashion. Discover more about Diane von Fürstenberg’s career, according to the Wiser Than Me podcast.

Jordan Peterson: Misinformation & Deepfakes Are on the Rise

Jordan Peterson speaks at the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you recognize misinformation when you hear it or read it? What has Jordan Peterson’s experience been, and what does he think should be done about it? According to Jordan Peterson, misinformation is a growing problem that has impacted him personally. On Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, Peterson discussed the vulnerability of platforms such as Twitter and manipulation through “deepfakes.” Keep reading to get a summary of this conversation, along with some context about the complex challenges of navigating truth in the digital age.

Why the Life of a Comedian Isn’t Just Fun and Games

A black and white image of a vintage microphone in an auditorium, representing the life of a comedian.

What is it like to be a comedian? How unpredictable is a comedy career? On Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts sit down with Rich Vos to talk about the ups and downs of being a comedian. Highlights from their discussion include booking gigs, changing routines, and getting the best reactions out of audience members. Learn more about the life of a comedian, according to three who made it big in the industry.

Why Resilience Is Important for a Successful Life and Career

A business woman displaying why resilience is important by doing a superhero pose in front of a city skyline.

Why is resilience important for success? How should you teach children about building resilience? In an episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Diane von Fürstenberg break down why resilience will be your best friend on your success journey. However, it’s not only adults who need to build resilience—children also need to be taught how to bounce back. Keep reading for more on why resilience is important.