How to Teach Values to Your Child Using Instructive Discipline

A father and mother teaching values to their child, in a living room

Want to know how to teach values to your child? Why is instructive discipline more effective than punitive discipline? Rather than punishing a child for doing something wrong, the authors of The Connected Child suggest using misbehavior as a chance to instill values in children. Shifting from punitive to instructive discipline allows parents to show compassion even in moments of frustration. Here’s how to teach values using instructive discipline.

What Is Drip Pricing & How Is It Dangerous?

A man holding a credit card in front of a computer screen who is shocked at drip pricing

What is drip pricing? What psychological tactics enable the practice? How can regulation curb it? Drip pricing is a deceptive business practice that advertises a low price, then adds hidden fees at the final payment. US federal agencies are exploring regulatory action against drip pricing as part of the Biden Administration’s economic agenda, though the success of these measures remains to be seen. Keep reading to learn about deceptive drip pricing practices and if anything can be done to prevent them.

Is Ring Safe? Why the Camera System Might Be Spying on You

A security camera spying on people on the street in a city, which is one of the biggest social issues in the world.

Is the Ring home security system exploiting your personal data and footage? Is Ring safe to use? In an episode of Last Podcast on the Left, contemporary issues are riffed upon with humor but not without depth. The podcast navigates through a current societal concern such as the Ring security system’s privacy and safety. Check out how the Last Podcast on the Left navigates these issues.

Jordan Peterson: Misinformation & Deepfakes Are on the Rise

Jordan Peterson speaks at the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you recognize misinformation when you hear it or read it? What has Jordan Peterson’s experience been, and what does he think should be done about it? According to Jordan Peterson, misinformation is a growing problem that has impacted him personally. On Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, Peterson discussed the vulnerability of platforms such as Twitter and manipulation through “deepfakes.” Keep reading to get a summary of this conversation, along with some context about the complex challenges of navigating truth in the digital age.

Sexual Assault in the Military: What Lee Ye-ram’s Story Tells Us

A sad and serious military woman.

How is sexual assault in the military handled? What reforms need to be made to improve the safety of personnel? After enduring a sexual assault and a manipulated investigation, Sergeant Lee Ye-ram took her own life. Her case exposes severe systemic issues that enable misconduct and secrecy, demanding urgent reform to prevent future tragedies. Keep reading to learn about this case and the broader issue of sexual assault in the military, as discussed on an episode of the Rotten Mango podcast.

Rotten Mango on the Many Juvenile Justice System Problems

A child on their knees pointing at jail bars in prison.

What are the main issues with the juvenile justice system? Do certain cultural standards in South Korea contribute to bullying in schools? While discussing the 2006 Cheongju curling iron case on the Rotten Mango podcast, Stephanie Soo expresses distaste for the juvenile justice system. She says that much of the public’s negative response to the case was due to the school’s and justice system’s mishandling of the case. Check out the juvenile justice system’s problems with this specific case and others.

The Effects of Bullying: Rotten Mango Shares Survivor Stories

Children pointing at a sad boy who's getting teased on a school bus.

What are the long-term effects of bullying? What does bullying look like among celebrities? The Netflix series The Glory has brought up interesting conversations about the effects of bullying. On the Rotten Mango podcast, Stephanie Soo talks about how bullying in South Korea has increased significantly over the years, hence why she’s calling attention to it. Discover how bad bullying has gotten in recent years and the consequences of it.

The Origin of Toxic Masculinity Boils Down to These 3 Things

A man thinking about his childhood trauma.

What’s the origin of toxic masculinity? Why are so many men so psychologically unhealthy? The origin of toxic masculinity can be traced back to a loss of father figures, a lack of ritual initiation into manhood, and the effects of patriarchy. Patriarchy is harmful to men in that it forces repression of the feminine in that it equates unhealthy ideals with masculinity. Keep reading for more on ideals of masculinity and why men are struggling to find a healthy mindset.

The Warrior Archetype: Action, Discipline, and Devotion

Roman soldiers wearing uniforms and holding shields and swords.

What does the Warrior archetype look like? What does it mean to embody the Warrior mindset? The Warrior archetype, as defined by Carl Jung, is a part of the male psyche concerned with carrying out tasks and adopting discipline and courage. While the Warrior can be a healthy expression of masculinity, it can also be negative if unbalanced or immature. Learn what it takes to develop a healthy Warrior mindset.

How Did Boeing’s Safety Issues Get So Bad?

A boeing 777 plane flying into the sunset

What led to the Boeing Max 9’s emergency landing? What efforts are underway to prevent any recurrence? What does the incident mean for Boeing’s future? Investigations continue after an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 was forced to make an emergency landing when part of the aircraft’s fuselage blew off. This latest safety issue could cause further reputational damage to Boeing, already burdened by past financial settlements and a drop in stock prices. Continue reading to learn about the past of Boeing’s safety issues, and their next steps.