Will TikTok Be Banned in the US? A Full Breakdown

The TikTok app on a phone, which could be banned in the US soon.

Will TikTok be banned in the US? Why does the House want a TikTok ban? What challenges do potential buyers of the app face? The US House of Representatives recently voted to ban TikTok unless its parent company, Chinese-owned ByteDance, sells its stake in the app. The House cited concerns about China’s access to Americans’ data and its potential to use the app to spread misinformation. A forced sale of TikTok, while plausible, appears unlikely. Continue reading to learn why the House wants to ban TikTok, what TikTok’s options are, and the outlook for the future of the app.

Will and Grace Behind the Scenes (Just Jack & Will)

Cartoon television, symbol of television shows like Will and Grace behind the scenes

What was Will and Grace like behind the scenes? What do the stars of the show think about their experiences? Will and Grace behind the scenes was characterized by humor, with cast members doing things like inserting inside jokes and personal references into the script. Stars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack recently spoke about their experiences on their podcast Just Jack & Will. Keep reading for an inside look at their experiences from this episode.

An Interview With Bobby Moynihan: SNL and Beyond

Bobby Moynihan and Horatio Sanz smiling for a photo with upside down glasses on

What is the backstory of Bobby Moynihan, SNL actor? How did he get to be on Saturday Night Live (SNL), and what’s he known for? For Bobby Moynihan, SNL was a key part of career development and becoming famous for comedy. In an episode of the podcast Fly on the Wall, he spoke in depth about this journey. Here’s what we know about Bobby Moynihan from his podcast interview with Dana Carvey and David Spade.

Michael Stipe’s Art Beyond Music: Sculpture & Photography

Michael stipe on stage looking to the left thoughtfully

When was it that for Michael Stipe, art became a focus? How did he grow into visual arts with a start in music? For Michael Stipe, arts like photography and sculpture have played important roles in his career post-R.E.M. Stipe even has plans to exhibit his art at a gallery in Milan, Italy. Read more about Stipe’s transition into other forms of art with these insights from the podcast Smartless.

Saturday Night Live Behind the Scenes: Lots of Hard Work

Microphone on a stage under lights

What do we know about Saturday Night Live behind the scenes? What is it like to perform on SNL? Saturday Night Live involves hard work, creativity, and complex dynamics between recurring stars and guest performers. A recent episode of the podcast Fly on the Wall offers a glimpse into this world. Consider these insights from a Fly on the Wall interview between Dana Carvey, David Spade, and Bobby Moynihan.

Modern Comedy: The Rise of YouTube, TikTok, and the Digital Age

Comedian on a laptop screen animated surrounded by emojis and reactions

What makes modern comedy unique? How important is the Internet to comedy today? Modern comedy has been greatly influenced by the Internet, as evidenced by the success and trajectory of Saturday Night Live (SNL). SNL has demonstrated how comedy now relies on rewatchability on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Here’s more about comedy in the digital age from the podcast Fly on the Wall.

Is Being Famous Worth It? See What the Bad Friends Podcast Says

A fashion model posing on the runway as people take pictures of her, questioning if being famous is worth it.

Is being famous worth it? How hard is it to become successful in the entertainment industry? Becoming a household name in the entertainment industry is one of the toughest jobs out there. But even when you hit your desired level of success, being famous isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. Continue reading to learn why the Bad Friends podcast says fame might not be all it’s made out to be.

What Is a Parasocial Relationship? The Broski Report Explains

A woman watching a male YouTuber on her computer, forming a parasocial relationship.

What is a parasocial relationship? How dangerous is it to form a one-sided relationship with someone online? Parasocial relationships are nothing new, but they’ve become more relevant recently with celebrities and online creators. Having a parasocial relationship means one person has a strong, emotional connection to another person who doesn’t know they exist. Take a look at Brittany Broski’s experience with parasocial relationships, which she discusses on The Broski Report. 

How Did Kevin Hart Get Famous? From Salesman to Comedian

The famous comedian Kevin Hart speaking at a red carpet event.

How did Kevin Hart get famous? What was Hart’s job before doing stand-up? While appearing on the podcast Smartless, Kevin Hart revealed his humble beginnings as a charismatic shoe salesman. He attributes this job to his influential salesmanship in later endeavors. Keep reading to learn how a shoe salesman became one of the most successful comedians in the world.