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What’s covered in the book Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored? What does author Jim Colucci have to say about the show?

In Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored, we learn about the author’s personal coming out experience, the impact of Will & Grace, and what it was like to be on set, including production challenges. Author Jim Colucci discussed all this and more on a recent episode of the podcast Just Jack & Will.

Here’s more from the podcast interview with Colucci.

About Jim Colucci, Author of the Definitive Guide on Will & Grace

During a recent interview on the podcast Just Jack & Will, hosts Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack interviewed author Jim Colucci, who wrote Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored. He discussed a surprising twist in his career that took him from aspiring to write about The Golden Girls to writing about Will & Grace. Jim remembered a missed opportunity to write about The Today Show that ultimately led to the opportunity to write his book on Will & Grace, a project that intertwined with his personal coming-out story.

Inside Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored

Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored offers fans an in-depth look into the world behind the beloved sitcom. The book explores the author’s personal experiences related to LGBTQ+ identity and coming out, shedding light on the creative process involved in writing about a TV series. Colucci’s collaboration with the show’s team provides readers with unique insights that enhance their understanding of its production. Through personal interviews and anecdotes from behind the scenes, Colucci adds depth to his work and reveals the challenges faced during its creation.

In discussing the process of writing the book, Colucci details the intricacies involved, particularly during the show’s ongoing airing, including navigating surprises such as Debra Messing’s pregnancy. He emphasizes the importance of cooperation and insights from the show’s team, singling out Eric McCormack for his detailed account of his character’s journey, which greatly enriched the book’s content.

During an interview with Colucci on their show, Just Jack & Will expressed their excitement about the potential for a reprint or updated version of the book to cover the latest Will & Grace revival, showcasing their admiration for the show’s legacy and hinting at more revelations in future episodes.

The hosts extended an invitation to Colucci to participate in future podcast discussions focusing on specific episodes, indicating a commitment to ongoing exploration and analysis of the show. The conversation also explored the potential for a renewed interest in the book following the podcast, potentially paving the way for a more comprehensive examination of Will & Grace, including newer episodes released since the book’s initial publication.

Inside the Book Will & Grace: Fabulously Uncensored

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