What to Know About Donald Trump’s Fraud Trial of 2023

Donald Trump, who is facing a fraud trial, waving.

What’s the controversy around Donald Trump’s fraud trial? What charges are Trump facing for the alleged crime? On The Daily podcast, Michael Barbaro sheds light on a momentous civil lawsuit in New York City aimed at Donald Trump. The lawsuit alleges that he exaggerated assets to obtain favorable loan and insurance conditions. Check out more about the civil lawsuit Trump is currently facing.

Gun Rights: The Supreme Court Tests Its Own Limits on Guns

Exterior of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington DC

How should the Second Amendment be interpreted in the 21st century? Should historical precedent inform legislation today? The Daily podcast took on the controversial topic of gun rights. Supreme Court justices and legal experts discussed how the Second Amendment should be interpreted today. Host Sabrina Tavernise led a deep dive into a momentous case holding significant implications for America’s gun rights landscape. Continue reading for a summary of the episode—along with context, alternative perspectives, and recommendations for related reading.

Jordan Peterson: Free Speech Is Under Attack

Jordan Peterson speaks at the 2018 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Do you really have freedom of speech? Do you feel like you can fully express your views privately or online? What has Jordan Peterson’s experience been? According to Jordan Peterson, free speech is at great risk. Peterson and podcast host Theo Von engaged in a stimulating conversation on This Past Weekend. They talked about compelled speech legislation in Canada, speech on the internet, and AI deepfakes. Read more for a summary of this conversation, along with some context and recommendations for related reading.

The Role of Politics in Media—According to Former Press Secretary

A male politician surrounded by people pointing cameras and microphones at him, representing politics in media.

What role does politics play in media? What are the challenges of being a public figure in the political atmosphere? Even those who aren’t making the big decisions in office face drastic changes. Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary, had to navigate politics in media when speaking on behalf of the executive branch of the United States. Continue reading for Psaki’s take on the role of the White House Press Secretary, according to the podcast Smartless.

How Donald Trump’s Testimony Ended Up Hurting Him (The Daily)

Donald Trump's testimony as he speaks on stage into a microphone.

What was included in Donald Trump’s testimony in his fraud case? What was his behavior like in the courtroom? Observations in an episode of The Daily podcast suggest Donald Trump’s defense approach was weak. Particularly, the hosts note instances where Trump’s testimony was seen as overstated and potentially detrimental to his legal position. Here’s why people believe Trump had a lack of a cogent legal strategy through the testimony.

Overview of Jen Psaki’s Smartless Podcast Appearance

Jen Psaki in the White House briefing room in front of an American flag.

What did Jen Psaki talk about on the Smartless podcast? Why did Psaki step down from her role as White House Press Secretary? On the podcast Smartless, Jen Psaki joins the hosts to provide details on what it’s like to be the White House Press Secretary. Additionally, she also talks about her current work hosting the talk show Inside with Jen Psaki on MSNBC. Learn more about this particular episode of Smartless centered around Psaki.

Biden’s Natural Gas Suspension: Environment vs. Economy

A cargo ship on the ocean carrying liquid natural gas.

What are the environmental consequences of natural gas exports? How is the Biden administration tackling the trade-off between increased natural gas exports and climate change goals? The Biden administration has temporarily suspended approval of natural gas exports to non-free trade agreement countries. As Democrats prepare for the 2024 presidential election, they must balance the economic benefits of increasing natural gas exports with fulfilling climate change pledges. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of Biden’s natural gas suspension.

Senator Menendez Resignation: Will He Step Down From Office?

Senator Robert Menendez speaking at a press conference in front of a microphone.

Who is calling for Senator Menendez’s resignation? Will Menendez agree to step down from his position? Due to recent bribery allegations, Governor Phil Murphy is calling for Senator Robert Menendez to resign. The Daily podcast goes into more detail on the public and government’s response to these allegations. Continue reading for different people’s opinions on how Menendez’s charges should be dealt with.

Robert Menendez’s Gold Bar Controversy on The Daily

Robert Menendez looking stressed while speaking at a press conference.

What’s the Robert Menendez gold bars controversy? Why did Menendez accept bribes? An episode of The Daily podcast opens with a discussion on corruption allegations enveloping New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. The essence of the case is that Menendez accepted bribes, including gold bars, as a politician. Let’s dive deeper into the allegations Menendez is facing.