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What was Will and Grace like behind the scenes? What do the stars of the show think about their experiences?

Will and Grace behind the scenes was characterized by humor, with cast members doing things like inserting inside jokes and personal references into the script. Stars Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack recently spoke about their experiences on their podcast Just Jack & Will.

Keep reading for an inside look at their experiences from this episode.

About Will and Grace

Will and Grace, an American sitcom that originally aired from 1998 to 2006 and had a revival series from 2017 to 2020, centers around best friends Will Truman and Grace Adler, alongside their quirky companions Karen Walker and Jack McFarland. Noted for its pioneering depiction of openly gay characters, the show has left a lasting impact.

In a recent episode of Just Jack & Will, Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack fondly recall a standout Will and Grace episode featuring Klaus von Puppy, bringing a mix of humor and nostalgia to their podcast. The hosts delve into beloved moments like “The Truth About Will and Dogs,” which follows Grace’s venture into puppy adoption, engaging with the series’ enduring content.

Conversations highlight the show’s incorporation of pop culture references, including nods to the 1998 Grammy Awards, Celine Dion’s Titanic anthem, and throwbacks to Ally McBeal and Dennis Miller. The hosts playfully analyze the episode’s clever dialogue and its skillful deflection from an expected discussion on children to a surprise twist about dogs.

Exploring the dynamics of the lead characters, particularly scenes with Karen exploring a dog shelter in her own unique way while trying to connect with Grace, the hosts appreciate the characters’ idiosyncrasies, such as Karen’s sharp wit and Jack’s flamboyant antics.

Behind the Scenes of Will and Grace

Sean and Eric offer insights into Will and Grace‘s behind-the-scenes production process, revealing how writers incorporated personal jokes by referencing their names in scripts for characters and locations. They also recall a comedic storyline centering around Grace’s displeasure with a Chinese restaurant’s packaging, adding a fun element to the show.

Additionally, they discuss Eric’s conversation with Hal Linden about the challenges of eating grapes, highlighting the humorous interactions on set. The duo reminisce about memorable moments such as Hayes showcasing a special “puppy dance” inspired by a musical idea from one of the actors, demonstrating the collaborative spirit behind the scenes.

Production Challenges and Adaptations

The podcast delves into the challenges encountered during the show’s production, ranging from major script revisions prompted by Debra Messing’s pregnancy to the physical toll and injuries suffered by the cast. Of note is Megan Mullally’s injury, which led to a rapid scene change, highlighting the unpredictable aspects of filming.

The podcast hosts express gratitude for the unwavering assistance of the production team during these difficulties. Furthermore, Hayes shares a humorous incident involving McCormack correcting the use of the term “hooch” and finding enjoyment in uncovering its historical significance dating back to prohibition.

The Craft Services and Guest Star Cameos

The exceptional craft services on set were greatly admired by other productions, with special mention of David Spade dropping by for a snack, adding to the lively atmosphere. 

Additionally, the hosts reminisce about guest appearances by Gary Grubbs, Tom Gallop, and Leigh-Allyn Baker, who portrayed friends of the main characters with great charisma. 

A particularly intriguing insight into Tom Gallop’s successful transition into real estate post-show also captures the attention of fans.

Will and Grace Behind the Scenes (Just Jack & Will)

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