The 3 Benefits of Letting Go of Unhelpful Emotions

A smiling old woman holding her arms out, experiencing the benefits of letting go.

What are the benefits of letting go of unhelpful emotions? How are these negative feelings destroying your relationships? David R. Hawkins cites that there are tangible benefits you can experience if you release unhelpful emotions. These benefits will rid you of self-imposed limitations, improve your relationships, and protect your health. Continue reading for more information about these life-changing benefits.

Adversity in Life: Why You’re Not Handling Hardships Right

A woman and other people running a marathon and pushing through adversity in life.

Do you experience adversity often? Do your strategies for overcoming adversities fail? William B. Irvine says that the Stoics perceived adversity not as a setback, but as a training ground, an opportunity for growth. We’ll explain Irvine’s take on adversity—what it is, how we typically respond to it, and why those responses don’t work.   Let’s look at how people typically handle adversity in life, and why it doesn’t work.

The 3 Basic Human Survival Instincts That Cause Stress

A man surviving in the woods with a bow and arrow, using his human survival instincts.

What are the most basic human survival instincts? When do these survival instincts kick in? Human survival instincts tell us to fear and avoid something, to protect something, or to want something better. Mo Gawdat says these instincts can be problematic because they cause us unnecessary levels of stress and dissatisfaction. Let’s discuss each of these faulty instincts, how they function, and what happens when we use them to process information.

Bad Friends: Comedy, Anecdotes, and Poking Fun at Politics

A cartoon podcast setup with a microphone, computer, and laptop on a desk.

What are the most humorous moments from the Bad Friends podcast? How do Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee navigate political satire? The Bad Friends duo deftly tiptoes between the somber and the silly in a new episode. They embrace their unique ability to spin yarns that leave fans in stitches while simultaneously touching on history and the macabre. Keep reading for more insight on Bad Friends’s comedy moments.

How to Have Fun in Life: 3 Ways to Lighten Up & Increase Joy

A smiling older woman spreads her arms with joy, learning how to have fun in life

Do you want to have more fun in life? What kind of games are right for you? Ali Abdaal says people are hardwired to have fun, and fun is a key part of emotional well-being. You most likely know this from experience as a child who spent countless hours running around and making up games. Continue reading to learn how to have fun in life and release your inner child again.

Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee’s Halloween Rituals (Bad Friends)

A child performing a Halloween ritual while holding a bucket dressed in a Halloween costume on the front porch.

What are common Halloween rituals? How is Halloween celebrated differently in certain cultures? In an episode of Bad Friends, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee dive into the different Halloween traditions they had growing up. Their discussion includes a look at other cultures that don’t necessarily celebrate Halloween with great importance.  Let’s look at Santino and Lee’s interpretation of Halloween during their respective childhoods.

Why the Life of a Comedian Isn’t Just Fun and Games

A black and white image of a vintage microphone in an auditorium, representing the life of a comedian.

What is it like to be a comedian? How unpredictable is a comedy career? On Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts sit down with Rich Vos to talk about the ups and downs of being a comedian. Highlights from their discussion include booking gigs, changing routines, and getting the best reactions out of audience members. Learn more about the life of a comedian, according to three who made it big in the industry.

Brittany Broski’s Experience of Having an Influencer Career

A woman taking a selfie with a phone in front of a graffitied wall, helping her influencer career.

What’s it like to have an influencer career? Where’s the line drawn on privacy for public figures? Brittany Broski is an influencer known for her comedic videos on TikTok and her podcast The Broski Report. On her podcast, she talks about the challenges of being an influencer, especially in terms of meeting the audience’s demands and sticking to her true nature. Check out the demands influencers must meet when advancing their careers.

Is Social Media Beneficial or Harmful? Why It Can Be Both

A tablet showing an Instagram photo of a woman taking a selfie on social media.

Is social media beneficial or harmful? What role do influencers play in people’s lives? Social media is more than just a platform to share photos with family and friends. It’s now become a place where people conduct business, including influencers who rely on viewership and followers for income. But it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Here’s why Brittany Broski believes social media has its benefits and drawbacks, as stated on The Broski Report.

Super Aging & the Pursuit of Cognitive Longevity (Huberman Lab)

a healthy smiling older white-haired woman - arms open wide - a super ager illustrating super aging and cognitive longevity

Are you super aging? What can you do to experience cognitive longevity? On the Huberman Lab podcast, Dr. Andrew Huberman pointed to super agers—elders who remain cognitively sharp over time by leading vigorous, engaged lives. As researchers uncover why these exceptional individuals seem to defy aging’s cognitive decline, their lifestyles offer inspiration to all of us. Read more to understand how continual learning and challenge-seeking habits can help you sustain mental fitness later in life.