What Is the Secret to Living a Happy Life?

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What does it mean to live a happy life? How can you start living a happy life? How can principles in Rhonda Byrne’s The Power help you?

A happy life is when you experience true enjoyment and you never let negativity work against you. You can start living a happy life by approaching each day with a positive outlook and paying attention to the good things in your life.

Read on to discover the secrets to living a happy life.

The Anatomy of a Happy Life

When you are living a happy life, you experience the greatest pleasure in the world. The following description is an example of how you can create an everlasting bond with love and experience that pleasure daily. 

In the morning:

  • Show gratitude for your life every morning you wake up, and spend a few minutes feeling love for yourself and the world. 
  • The secret to living a happy life is to Imagine the day ahead and show it love. Think of all the things that will happen today and show them love. Another way of saying this is to stack the deck of your day by harnessing the force of love for everything before things happen. 
  • Show gratitude for each thing you touch in the morning: your food, your clothes, and your family.

Throughout the day:

  • Imagine arriving home safely before you leave the house, and say thank you for the house you have to come home to. 
  • Acknowledge the people you pass and send them love. Imagine them receiving your love and what they need as a result. 
  • Say thank you for good parking spots or good songs on the radio. 
  • Ask questions to make sure you are on the right frequency. Questions like, “Am I doing the right things today?” “What will help me feel even better?” and “Where is my love and gratitude needed today?” will trigger the law of attraction to respond. 
    • When you ask a question, you give a question, and the answer will return to you. But you must be aware enough to see the answer when it comes. You never know how answers will show up in your life.
    • If something difficult or upsetting happens to you, ask what you did to attract it. When you discover the answer, you will learn what you need to do differently in the future. 
  • Throw your love around the world like confetti. Be grateful for everything you can, and give love away whenever you have the chance. Look for the good in all situations so you can tip the scales toward love. 

In the evening:

  • Give thanks for making it through another day.
  • Give thanks for the love you felt and gave during the day.
  • Show love for the restful sleep you will have.
  • Be grateful for the coming morning and the joy you will feel waking up to another beautiful day. 

Live each day alert and connected to love, and you will surely start living a happy life. 

Ask Love for Assistance

There is no limit to what love can do for you. There is only a limit in what you allow love to do for you. Need to be reminded to send someone a birthday card? Ask love to remind you. Need a personal trainer? Ask love to help you find the right fitness plan. Need a matchmaker? Ask love to find you a mate. 

Love will assist you with whatever you need, but it only works if you’re full of the force of love. You must relinquish control of your life and allow love to guide you on the path to living a happy life. Trust in love to guide your life, and you will be guided to everything you want. 

Living a Happy Life Means Being Mindful of How You Label Life

Think of the things that come into your life as newborn babies. Babies aren’t born good or bad. They are neutral until that first moment of nurturing takes over. The same is true for all aspects of your life. Nothing is good or bad until you deem it so. 

  • A snowstorm is only bad if you think of it that way. 
  • A relationship is good if you consider it to be good. 
  • A job is awful if that’s what you want it to be. 

Granted, bad things happen. You get hurt or victimized in some way, but the long-term label you place on that experience is how it will exist for your entire life. 

There is no opposing force of love. Negativity does not come from a negative force but from a lack of love. The same is true for depression, failure, and disease. These things are created by a lack of joy, success, and health, all things bathed in love. 

You don’t have to wonder if the force of negativity is working against you. If you experience negative circumstances, you’re lacking love in your heart. Change your feelings immediately by finding ways to boost good feelings. 

The Secret to Living a Happy Life: 12 Everyday Habits

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