Harnessing the Force of Love to Change Your Life

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What is the force of love? Why is love the most powerful force in the universe and how can you harness it?

The force of love is the universal energy that inspires every positive action in the universe. It is a limitless desire that every human heart craves, making it the most powerful force in the universe. You can harness this power to live a happier, healthier life.

Read on to learn how you can understand and harness the force of love.

Understanding the Force of Love

Life is not complicated. Despite what you may think, it’s solely composed of two things: positive elements and negative elements. In any facet of life, be it personal, professional, financial, or spiritual, your success or failure is determined by your positivity or negativity. 

If your life is more negative than positive, you’re not leading the life you deserve. You may even be jealous of others who seem to have everything they want and believe they got their charmed life through luck or connections. But at the heart of their achievements is behavior. These people did something specific to create the life they wanted—they harnessed the force of love. With the knowledge gained in The Power, you can also use the force of love to have the life you want, too. 

The first five chapters will help you understand why love is powerful, how your thoughts and feelings affect that power, and how to use love to attract what you want in life. The last four chapters focus specifically on using the force of love to improve your finances, relationships, health, and overall life. 

Everything Is Love

Love is often misunderstood as a singular emotion written about in poems, songs, films, and philosophical texts. But what you don’t realize is that love is a powerful force of nature, just like other natural forces such as gravity and magnetic fields. You can’t see them with your eyes, but you know they’re there working in the background of everything. Love is, likewise, an invisible force working behind everything, and it is purely positive. 

Love is powerful and life would cease to exist without love. Children are born out of love. Buildings are built because someone loves to design them and someone else loves to build them. Technology is created because someone has a love for invention. Books are written because someone has a love for stories. Everything in life stems from a seed of desire that was nurtured through love.

Your life is a product of love. Without something to love, you have no reason to engage with life. You would feel no motivation to eat, sing, work, dance, date, or raise children. Love is the desire that propels you to act. It is inherent inside you as a positive force. But if you encompass this force, why isn’t your life perfect? Having the force and using the force are different things. You need to choose to use love to create a better life before you can achieve it. 

Life Choices

You make the decision to either use the force of love or not every minute of every day. When you feel and experience love, you have positive experiences. When you feel the opposite of love, you have negative experiences. That’s because love is rooted in the law of attraction. 

The law of attraction is the force that draws one thing to another. For example, gravity is attracted to the earth, so everything is kept in place by the force of gravity. Attraction is also what brings people together. It dictates what you eat, how you decorate your home, how your cells multiply, and which community you live in. You make choices based on what you’re attracted to, and through that attraction, you bring life’s elements to you. 

You’re only attracted to what you love, so when you engage with something you’re attracted to, you engage with the world positively. The following example illustrates this point:

  • You have a positive response to a certain meal. You become attracted to the meal because you love how eating it tastes and makes you feel. Therefore, whenever you eat that meal, you have a positive experience. 
  • If you didn’t like the meal or feel any attraction toward it, you wouldn’t eat it. And if you did eat it, you would feel nothing or have a negative experience. 

This relationship is the essence of giving and receiving. And giving and receiving are the two main elements of the law of attraction.

Harness the Force of Love to Change Your Life

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