8 Law of Attraction Exercises for a Happier, Healthier Life

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You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction and all the great things it can bring into your life. But how can you practice it? Are there Law of Attraction exercises to help?

Law of Attraction exercises can help you practice the principles of the Law of Attraction and reframe your mind to naturally work toward the Law of Attraction. Check out these Law of Attraction exercises.

Law of Attraction Exercises

At the heart of The Secret is the concept of the Law of Attraction—use your thoughts to attract the things you want. Every person alive is a creator within the universe. What you create in your life traces back to what you think about. If you focus on thoughts about who you want to be or what you want in life, you will attract those ideas and things back as your life experience. Law of Attraction exercises can help you focus on the Law of Attraction, and learn how to use it in your daily life.

Go through these Law of Attraction exercises. You can use a pen and paper to write down your answers, or type them. You can also go through the exercises in your head, as long as you’re thinking carefully and deliberately, and channeling your energy into your answers.

Exercise 1: Changing Thoughts

First on the list of Law of Attraction exercises is changing thoughts. Changing your thought frequency may seem like a difficult task. But becoming aware of negative thoughts and their power helps you understand what you can do to change them. 

  1. Think of a persistent negative thought you live with. Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking for years or something that’s come up recently. What is the thought? 
  2. When you look at your life, can you find examples of ways in which that thought has manifested? What are they?
  3. How can you restructure that thought to turn the negative into a positive? Like with a television, tune your thinking into the channel that you want to watch. What positive images does it show you?

Exercise 2: Self Love

You must love yourself before you can bring good things to your life. It’s easy enough to say, “I love myself.” But what does that mean? What does self-love look and feel like? By being intentional about how we think about ourselves, the path to self-love will become more clear. 

  1. Do you hold a grudge about something from the past? Do you think about it often? Describe what the resentment is about.
  2. Remember that thinking negative thoughts about the past is only hurting yourself. How can you turn this thought into a positive one or reject the negative thought?
  3. What was something you did recently that made you proud? Why did this thing bring you joy or make you feel good about yourself

Exercise 3: Harnessing Your Power

The process of bringing what you want to your life is called the Creative Process. Now that you can be, have, or do anything you want, without exception, it’s time to get clear on what that is. Harnessing your power is an important part of Law of Attraction practice

  1. What could you ask for that would make your immediate life better? Be specific.
  2. Take a minute to believe that your thoughts have power and that what you’ve asked for will be yours. Don’t worry about the how, just believe. What thoughts come through your head?
  3. Now prepare to receive. What does it feel like when you’ve gotten what you’ve asked for? Describe the sensations vividly.

Exercise 4: Feeling Good Feelings

Feeling good feelings is the fastest way to thinking good thoughts. We all have crummy days when something happens that dampens our mood. It can be hard to shake things off when we’re feeling low. Getting in touch with our feelings and intentionally changing them is a good habit to begin.

  1. What’s something that happened in your life recently that caused you to feel bad? What were your thoughts surrounding what happened? 
  2. How could you have changed your thoughts about what happened? What would those positive thoughts be?
  3. How do those new thoughts change the way you feel?
  4. Write down three thought lifters that make you happy. You should be able to draw on these when you’re feeling down and feel perked up.

Exercise 5: Law of Attraction Mindset

Another difficult one on the list of Law of Attraction exercises is mindset. In those moments between asking, believing, and receiving, you can still put your thoughts to work to benefit your life. By strengthening the following mindsets, you can make the most of your thoughts to strengthen the Law of Attraction. Making small adjustments in how we envision the day ahead is a good start to changing it.

  1. Think about your day. Was there an event or situation you wish had gone differently? What was it? What was wrong with it? 
  2. If you could reimagine how that experience went, what would it look like?
  3. Think about your day tomorrow. What do you expect to happen? What thoughts will help set the expectation for those things happening the way you want them to?
  4. Now, imagine there are no limitations to what you can do tomorrow. Do your answers change? What else would you add to have the most desirable day?

Exercise 6: Behaviors That Increase Law of Attraction

What you do in life is as important as what you think. Law of Attraction practice is already one behavior that can help. Now that your mind is geared toward strengthening the Creative Process in your life, you can add appropriate behaviors to boost your success.

  1. Think of something you want really badly. Create a picture of that thing in your life. What does it look like, in detail?
  2. Go beyond images, and think about the sensations in your visualization. What do you feel, using your five physical senses? How do you feel internally?
  3. Now “act as if” you already have this thing in your life. What can you do today to make room to receive what you want?

Exercise 7: Manifesting Wealth

By now you understand the power of the Creative Process, and how they apply to your body and health. The same principles apply to money and creating wealth in your life. Out of all the possibilities for Law of Attraction practice, this one is one of the most fun to think about.

  1. What amount of money would you fill out to cover everything you needed?
  2. How would that money help you? What would you buy?
  3. Now, what amount would you fill out if you could have any amount you could dream of? 
  4. What would you buy with all that money? What sensations do you feel as you see yourself buying these items?

Exercise 8: Manifesting Relationships

Finally, the last of the Law of Attraction exercises is one people are often the most concerned with. More than health and money, people tend to crave affection and harmonious relationships. The Law of Attraction works for calling forth love and healthy relationships into your life. Think about relationships with positivity, and you’ll get positive relationships in return.

  1. What are three things your partner did recently that made you feel happy? If you don’t currently have a partner, what are three things your ideal partner would do to make you happy?
  2. What do those things say about your partner? 
  3. Think of a negative thought you have about your partner or your current love life. What is it? Now try to convert that into a positive statement, instead, of something you want. What is it?

These Law of Attraction exercises can help you see the world differently, and put forth good energy. However you choose to practice them, or how often, the Law of Attraction is always here for you.

8 Law of Attraction Exercises for a Happier, Healthier Life

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