How to Use the Law of Gratitude to Attract Wealth

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What is the law of gratitude? Why is gratitude so important to attracting wealth?

The law of gratitude follows Newton’s third law—for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means, if you reach out strongly and gratefully to God and other well-meaning individuals, they will respond strongly in kind. The more grateful you are, the faster you will attract opportunities that will make you wealthy.

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Cultivating the Law of Gratitude

To find harmony with and relate to the Original Substance, you need to be grateful. Gratitude allows you to cultivate a close relationship with Original Substance so that it can most effectively favor you. 

There is a law of gratitude, which is the same as Newton’s third law—for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. If you strongly and gratefully reach out towards the Original Substance, it will respond to you equally as strongly. The more grateful you are, the faster and more often you’ll receive responses from Original Substance.

In addition to improving your connection to the Original Substance, following the law of gratitude has an additional benefit—it keeps you from becoming dissatisfied with your current state. If you’re grateful, you’re always focused on positivity.

Faith stems from gratitude. If you’re continually grateful, you continually receive positive responses from the Original Substance. You come to expect responses and come to have faith that they will keep coming. This allows you to be grateful for gifts in advance.

Everything in the world contributes to your advancement (because everything is formed from Original Substance and Original Substance favors your advancement), so you should be grateful for everything. Be grateful even for things that seem negative. For example, be grateful for the superrich or corrupt politicians. They have flaws, but ultimately, they contribute to your and others’ advancement—the superrich start businesses that you make use of, and politicians create order, both of which create new opportunities.

Gratitude requires continuity. If you stop being grateful the moment you receive your first response, your connection with Original Substance will break.

The Law of Gratitude: The Secret to Manifesting Wealth

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