The Stoic Challenge by William B. Irvine: Book Overview

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What’s The Stoic Challenge by William B. Irvine about? How did the Stoics face adversity? Every one of us experiences hardship, often daily. In The Stoic Challenge, William B. Irvine argues that minimizing suffering isn’t just possible—it’s something that people have been doing since the Stoics pioneered a strategy to approach adversity as opportunity. Read below for a brief overview of The Stoic Challenge.

Adversity in Life: Why You’re Not Handling Hardships Right

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Do you experience adversity often? Do your strategies for overcoming adversities fail? William B. Irvine says that the Stoics perceived adversity not as a setback, but as a training ground, an opportunity for growth. We’ll explain Irvine’s take on adversity—what it is, how we typically respond to it, and why those responses don’t work.   Let’s look at how people typically handle adversity in life, and why it doesn’t work.

How to Practice Stoicism: Training & Approaching Adversities

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Do you know how to practice Stoicism? What is the Stoic strategy for handling adversity? According to William B. Irvine, the Stoics’ mental technique for facing adversity was simply to reframe the problem. That is, a Stoic would choose to view it as an opportunity to practice his Stoic virtues—resilience, resolve, resourcefulness, courage, and good humor. Here’s how to implement the Stoics’ strategy for overcoming adversity in daily life.

Stoicism on Adversity: Using the Framing Effect Against Hardship

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What is Stoicism’s adversity methodology? How do the Stoics handle adversity? In The Stoic Challenge, William B. Irvine explains the Stoics’ core strategy of treating adversities as tests of character. He details how to make use of two psychological phenomena to change your relationship to hardship.  Let’s look at what the Stoics said about adversity.

Stoic Training: 2 Methods to Prepare You for Real-World Challenges

Three philosophers talking in ancient times and practicing Stoic training.

What are the two methods of Stoic training? What do these methods prepare you for? In The Stoic Challenge, William B. Irvine discusses two methods of training you can use to practice the Stoic strategy. Both training methods help you develop resolve and resourcefulness.  Continue reading if you want to practice these methods yourself to become a modern-day Stoic.

4 Philosophical Reflections From the Bad Friends Podcast

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What philosophical reflections does the Bad Friends podcast make? How did Bobby Lee overcome his addiction? Podcasts are a great time to reflect on the more serious aspects of life. In an episode of Bad Friends, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino dive into sobriety journeys, the meaning of life, and whether destiny is real. Keep reading to learn the hosts’ takes on these philosophical subjects.