How to Manifest Money: Amass Riches Through Thought   

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Do you want to know how to manifest money into your life? Why do the rich seem to attract money like a magnet, while the poor struggle to make ends meet?

Thoughts are powerful: What you think becomes your reality. This applies to everything, including money. While you can’t manifest money by thinking about it, you can channel your thoughts in the direction that will lead you toward it. 

With this in mind, here’s how to manifest money and attract the riches you’ve only dreamed of. 

Stop Manifesting Poverty

People tend to blame external factors for their lack of money: their background, the state of the economy, corruption, etc. While those factors undoubtedly play a part, complaining about them won’t improve your financial circumstances. All complaining does is relieve the stress of feeling poor and powerless. However, these stress-relievers leave you locked into operating from a negative mindset that keeps you in poverty. 

If you want to know how to manifest money into your life, you must stop complaining and take responsibility for your financial situation. Even if you aren’t to blame, taking responsibility is the first and necessary step forward. 

Once you have taken responsibility, the next step is to begin rewiring your thinking. Stop entertaining the thought that you’re powerless when it comes to money. The more you engage in this type of thinking, the more you associate money with the feeling of powerlessness. As a result, you’re incapable of achieving the financial success that you want.

Ultimately, learning how to manifest money into your life is about replacing your unproductive thoughts and beliefs about money with the productive thoughts and beliefs that rich people have. The more you think like a rich person, the more you’ll improve your money mindset and raise your financial setpoint so that you can comfortably accumulate and manage more money. 

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Adopt the Rich Mindset

As mentioned, learning how to manifest money is all about adopting the rich mindset, but what does that mean in practice? 

In the timeless 1937 classic Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill explains that rich people have a success-conscious—rather than failure-conscious mindset with regard to money. To develop a success-conscious attitude and attract riches, you must: 

  1. Start by focusing your mind on a single, clearly defined purpose, not multiple purposes that would dilute your focus. Choose one overriding life goal.
  2. Make achieving this goal your all-consuming desire, to the point that you think of little else and you devote all your time and energy to achieving it.
  3. Finally, be persistent in pursuing your one goal or purpose. You will encounter setbacks but have faith in your goal and ability to achieve it — and never give up on it.

He offers two examples to illustrate how to manifest money with single-minded focus, all-consuming desire, and unyielding persistence: 

Example 1: Partnering with Edison

  • Edwin C. Barnes had an overriding goal (his definite purpose) of working with the inventor Thomas Edison. Partnering with Edison became his all-consuming desire
  • Despite never having met Edison, Barnes went to see and told him his goal. Edison recognized his determination but gave him a lesser job. While this might seem like a defeat, Barnes agreed to work for Edison, but persisted in focusing on his specific goal of a partnership. 
  • This went on for five years, but he didn’t give up on his goal or stop thinking about it. 
  • Barnes saw an opportunity when Edison couldn’t get his salespeople to sell his new dictating machine. Barnes said he could sell it and was given the opportunity. He sold it so successfully that Edison gave him a contract to distribute and market the machine. 
  • Thus, Barnes thought his way into a partnership with Edison. Continuing to believe he could be successful allowed him to persist, which allowed him to seize the opportunity when it surfaced.

Example 2: Striking Gold

  • A man had a specific purpose and desire to find gold. He discovered a small amount of gold, staked a claim, and raised money for the machinery and labor to extract more. 
  • But after much work, the effort came up empty. He failed to develop a wealth mindset and he lacked persistence, so he quit, selling the machinery to a ‘junk’ man. 
  • Before reselling the machinery as junk, the junk man hired an engineer, who advised that the gold lay just three feet from where the man had stopped drilling. 
  • The engineer was right and the junk man made a fortune because of the first man’s failure to persist

Similarly, the 500 wealthy men interviewed by Hill told him their greatest successes came when they persisted in going one step beyond a failure or setback. Thomas Edison reportedly tried and failed 10,000 times before inventing a successful electric lightbulb.

Temporary defeats are common in most endeavors, and they often seem to come when success is within reach. Unlike Edison who had a well-developed rich mindset, many people quit too soon.

TITLE: Think and Grow Rich
AUTHOR: Napoleon Hill
TIME: 24
BOOK_SUMMARYURL: think-and-grow-rich-summary-napoleon-hill

The Certain Way Towards Money

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles takes this idea further: He proposes that you can manifest money by appealing to what he calls the “Original Substance.” Original substance is what everything in the universe—you, your house, the planets—is made out of. You may also call it God. It manifests thoughts into tangible forms. For example, when the Original Substance thought of planets, physical planets formed.

To be rich, claims Wattles, you need to do things in the “Certain Way.” Acting in the Certain Way guarantees that you will become rich, and anyone who follows the Certain Way, regardless of circumstance, will get rich. The Certain Way has three main facets—think, will, and act:


Since the Original Substance is sentient and responds to thought, if you think about being rich or acquiring a particular possession, the Original Substance will impel a physical manifestation of your thoughts in your direction. However, you must think in a particular way for this to work:

You must have a precise, coherent idea of what you want in order to transmit it to the Original Substance. If your want is vague, the Original Substance won’t know what to do with it—transmitting a vague thought would be like sending someone an email containing the letters of the alphabet and then expecting them to create the message.

  • Vague: You want to be rich so you can help people.
  • Precise: You want a car. You imagine the color, the paint, the make and model, the interior, and every last detail.

You must have conviction that you will achieve what you want. You should have so much purpose and faith in your convictions that you act like you already have your vision.

  • For example, imagine you’re driving your new car and believe that you already own it. Talk about your car as if you have it. Don’t dream about having it, be convinced that you do have it. 

You must constantly be thinking about what you want. The specific mental picture should always be present in your mind, the same way a pilot is always keeping an eye on her instruments. If you really want something, it shouldn’t be difficult to concentrate on it. 

  • You don’t need to pray or meditate. All you have to do to send your vision to the Original Substance is think about it. However, once your vision is fully formed, it can help to orally address the Original Substance. This helps you imagine you’ve already received your vision, which further strengthens your vision.
  • Concentrate on precision and details of your vision in your free time and hold the big picture in the back of your mind while you’re working. 

You must think truthfully. Anytime you see something, you’ll unconsciously observe it at the surface level. You must look deeper than what’s visible.

  • For example, if you see someone who’s ill, you’ll think about disease unless you hold in your mind the truth that disease doesn’t exist—people only experience it because their negative thoughts have manifested it. 

Your thoughts most likely won’t cause the Original Substance to form your want out of its own substance. Instead, the Original Substance works through existing methods of creation, spurred into action by your thoughts. 

For example, if you want gold, gold won’t spontaneously come into being in your living room, or pull itself out of a mine and zoom into your hands. Instead, it’ll come your way via the usual channels: someone will mine it, transport it, and you’ll have the opportunity to access it.


Original Substance will send whatever you’re thinking about in your direction. Ideally, you’re thinking about getting rich, but if you get distracted and think about negative things, those are what the Original Substance will manifest. 

For example, if you see someone poor, you’ll think about poverty, and the Original Substance will send poverty your way. Poverty is a particularly dangerous thing to think about because it’s the exact opposite of what you want.

There are a few ways to avoid negative thoughts about poverty:

  • Look beyond the visible surface level to the deeper truths.
    • For example, if you start thinking about poverty, remember that resources are infinite and poverty doesn’t really exist.
  • Avoid negativity.
    • For example, avoid anything to do with poverty. Don’t try to eradicate it, don’t raise your awareness of it, and don’t do charity work. 
  • Recall that life, by nature, is advancing. Something negative may exist now, but it won’t in the future (unless you keep dwelling on it, which causes it to continue to manifest.)
    • For example, anyone can rise out of poverty by following the Certain Way.
  • Change your frame of reference.
    • For example, think of the poor as people on their way to becoming rich.


The second facet of the Certain Way is to harness your will. You will use your will to maintain the vision you came up with in “Think.” It will take some effort to maintain the force of thought necessary to connect with the Original Substance.

However, make sure you only ever direct your will at yourself. It’s wrong to use your will on others, as wrong as physically forcing someone to do something would be. Don’t apply your will to things, either—this is the equivalent to applying your will to the Original Substance, which is also wrong.

If you apply your will only to yourself, forcing yourself to concentrate on your vision, the Original Substance will push things and people towards you.


The final facet of the Certain Way is to act in a way that sets you up to receive your vision. You can never know how exactly the Original Substance works its magic. Therefore, do your best at everything you do every day to remain open to every opportunity Original Substance may use to manifest your vision. 

Doing your best involves doing all your individual actions efficiently—efficient actions are successful actions. The Original Substance is always working in your favor, so if you make use of your purpose and faith while doing tasks, you can’t help but be efficient and successful.

TITLE: The Science of Getting Rich
AUTHOR: Wallace D. Wattles
TIME: 18
READS: 81.6
BOOK_SUMMARYURL: the-science-of-getting-rich-summary-wallace-d-wattles

Final Words

If you’re serious about learning how to manifest money, you must take responsibility for the state of your finances. This is essential because blaming external factors—even if they are responsible—keeps you stuck in the poverty mentality

Taking responsibility means shifting your focus from dwelling on why you are poor to thinking about how to get rich. Once you adopt this mentality, it’s just a matter of time before money-making opportunities reveal themselves. 

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How to Manifest Money: Amass Riches Through Thought   

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