Why Political Predictions Shouldn’t Be Made From Polls

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How useful are political polls if you’re trying to make election predictions? What else can be learned from them? Political polls collect information on how Americans are thinking about political issues and candidates. However, they should be taken with a grain of salt, as results aren’t always accurate. Here’s a look at the usefulness of polls when making political predictions.

Weapons of Math Destruction: Book Overview & Takeaways

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What’s Weapons of Math Destruction about? How is math used to discriminate against people in poverty? In Weapons of Math Destruction, Cathy O’Neil explores the difference between benign mathematical models and dangerous ones. She also describes the negative effects that dangerous mathematical models produce. Read below for a brief Weapons of Math Destruction book overview.

The Power of Math: Making Big Predictions and Decisions

The power of math illustrated in fluctuating bars and graphs.

How powerful is math? What’s the difference between benign math models and dangerous math models? In Weapons of Math Destruction, Cathy O’Neil notes that not all mathematical models are dangerous. When implemented responsibly, mathematical models can be powerful tools that enable organizations to make effective decisions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Below we’ll define mathematical models to show the power of math.

The Definition of a Mathematical Model (Cathy O’Neil)

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What’s the definition of mathematical models? Are math models biased toward a specific group of people? In Weapons of Math Destruction, data scientist Cathy O’Neil details the insidious ways mathematical models are being used to determine everything from interest rates to prison sentences. She contends that, while mathematical models can efficiently sort through vast amounts of information, they can produce dangerous results. Let’s take a look at O’Neil’s definition of a mathematical model.

The 3 Challenges in Data Science When Using Dangerous Models

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What are the main challenges in data science? How can mathematical models be dangerous? A mathematical model is a mathematical simulation of a real-world event. Three characteristics make them dangerous: they’re opaque, they don’t incorporate feedback, and they operate on a large scale. Keep reading to learn more about the challenges in data science and math models.

The Dangerous Effects of Statistics Being Misused

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What are the dangerous effects of statistics? How do statistics perpetuate social bias? Believe it or not, dangerous math models can have a grave impact on society. According to Cathy O’Neil, dangerous statistics disproportionately harm poor people, reproduce social bias, and make harmful self-fulfilling prophecies. Learn more about how statistics can negatively affect people and society when used incorrectly.

How to Improve Ethics in Mathematics: 3 Methods

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How can you use mathematical models ethically? What are ways to regulate industry use of math models? Cathy O’Neil proposes strategies industries and governments can take to limit the harm caused by dangerous mathematical models. She recommends monitoring math models, regulating them, and setting more positive goals for math models. Keep reading to learn more about ethics in mathematics.

Female Sexual Assault Statistics in America: A Breakdown

Female Sexual Assault Statistics in America: A Breakdown

Why are female sexual assault statistics high in America? Where is sexual assault and rape most likely to happen? As of 2014, Rebecca Solnit estimated that tens of millions of women are raped in America every year. Further, she notes that sexual assault and harassment tend to happen in workplace or educational settings where victims are sometimes held accountable for preventing these instances of violence. Learn more about why the statistics for female sexual assault are so high in America.