When to Commit in a Relationship: How to Read the Signs

A man who knows when to commit in a relationship who's proposing to his girlfriend under a tree.

How do you know when to commit in a relationship? What should you look for? The right time to commit in a relationship is after the honeymoon period has passed and after you know that you are comfortable with someone and feel like the best version of yourself around them. You should also take notice of how you feel around your potential partner’s family. Read the following for advice on when to make a commitment.

Becoming First-Time Parents: How to Support Your Family

A woman becoming a first time parent as she holds her pregnant belly while lying down.

How can you make the process of becoming first-time parents easier? What does it take to support your marriage after the addition of a child? When becoming first-time parents, you should think about how you’re going to distribute household labor and how you can support both each other’s needs and the needs of a new child. Sometimes marriages decline when a new child is introduced due to a lack of investment in the marriage. Read on for advice on how to navigate becoming parents in a way that is healthy for your family.

How to Make Your Relationship Strong and Last Longer

An elderly couple sitting on a bench and smiling as people who know how to make their relationship strong and last longer.

When learning how to make your relationship strong and last longer, what should you focus on? How can you make your love last? To make your relationship strong and last longer, you need to continue dating your partner long into the relationship, stay curious about them, and invest in their dreams. This will help you maintain an emotional connection and bond of trust. Continue reading for more on how to strengthen your relationship.

Darlene Love on Family and Possibly Quitting Music

A gold vintage microphone in front of an empty auditorium.

Why is Darlene Love one of the most influential singers today? How does Love balance motherhood and music? Darlene Love, an American singer and actress, has captivated audiences with her powerful vocals and remarkable career spanning several decades. On an episode of Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Love opens up about the struggles she faced as a female musician and mother. Discover more about Darlene Love’s family life and whether she’d quit music for her children’s sake.

What Is a Parasocial Relationship? The Broski Report Explains

A woman watching a male YouTuber on her computer, forming a parasocial relationship.

What is a parasocial relationship? How dangerous is it to form a one-sided relationship with someone online? Parasocial relationships are nothing new, but they’ve become more relevant recently with celebrities and online creators. Having a parasocial relationship means one person has a strong, emotional connection to another person who doesn’t know they exist. Take a look at Brittany Broski’s experience with parasocial relationships, which she discusses on The Broski Report. 

Lex Fridman Podcast: Marriage Advice From James Sexton

A couple in wedding attire celebrating their marriage by kissing in front of an altar.

Are you looking for marriage advice? What are the pillars of partnership? In this podcast episode hosted by Lex Fridman, marriage is discussed with divorce attorney James Sexton. They reveal insightful perspectives into the complexities of relationships, marriage, and divorce. He also ventures into the profound impact of love on human behavior. To learn more about the complex nature of marriage, keep reading.

How to Navigate Personal Development and Relationships

A man wearing a hat with a woman leaning on him, watching the sunset at the beach, displaying personal development in relationships.

What’s the connection between personal development and relationships? Why is identity important for a strong marriage? On the Lex Fridman Podcast, James Sexton emphasizes the importance of personal growth and maintaining wellness for a prosperous life and relationships. He also acknowledges that divorce is a good time for reevaluating life and pursuing self-growth. Continue reading for more on identity, self-development, and financial management in relationships.

Importance of Communication in Relationships & Marriage

A woman and man displaying the importance of communication in relationships by talking closely in a restaurant.

Why is communication important in relationships? How should you speak about your former partner in a new relationship? On the Lex Fridman Podcast, James Sexton shares insights into confrontations and communication in divorce proceedings. He also highlights the importance of communication in relationships, especially about sexual preferences. Check out why transparency always wins in relationships.

Leaving a Bad Relationship: When and Why to End It

A couple contemplating leaving a bad relationship as they argue with each other.

Why is leaving a bad relationship so hard? How do you know it’s time to go? Leaving a bad relationship instead of talking yourself into staying can be difficult, but it can also help you avoid regret. It’s important to recognize when you have mismatched values that can’t be reconciled. Here’s why you should evaluate your relationships early and honestly.