Dwayne and Kevin Hart’s Friendship On-Screen and Off-Screen

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Franklin "Mouse" Finbar, respectively, in Jumanji.

What’s the friendship like between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart? Why do the pair work so well together on-screen? Kevin Hart has been known to collaborate with fellow actor Dwayne Johnson in comedic films. In an episode of Smartless, Hart explains the hilarious dynamic between the two of them and why it works so well. Learn more about Dwayne and Kevin Hart’s friendship that transcends comedy films. 

How Jo Koy’s Stand-Up Career Evolved Into Sold-Out Arenas

Stand up Joy Koy holding a Coca-Cola bottle on stage in an empty arena.

How did Netflix help Jo Koy make it big in the comedy industry? How popular is Koy among famous comedians? As a comedian, Koy has sold out arenas in multiple cities consistently. He talks about how he got to the point of performing in large arenas on the Fly on the Wall podcast with David Spade and Dana Carvey. Keep reading to learn more about how Jo Koy’s stand-up career blew up.

The Problems in the Entertainment Industry (Smartless)

A woman facing problems in the entertainment industry on the set of a movie.

What are some of the current problems in the entertainment industry? How hard is it to form a lasting legacy in show business? In a recent Smartless episode, hosts Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes talked with Kevin Hart about the unique challenges they’ve faced in their careers. While these obstacles were different, they highlight the difficulties of breaking into the entertainment industry and staying relevant. Continue reading to learn about the downsides of show business. 

Brittany Broski on Ghost From Call of Duty and Internet Fixations

Call of Duty's Ghost character in a building.

Why has Call of Duty’s Ghost taken the Internet by storm? How does Brittany Broski feel about the video game character? Brittany Broski, the popular internet personality and content creator known for her comedic videos on TikTok and YouTube, is once again making waves with her latest podcast episode. On The Broski Report, Broski delves into personal introspection and explores her fascination with Ghost from Call of Duty. Read below for a more in-depth exploration of Brittany Broski’s Ghost obsession.

Surrender by Bono: An Overview of the U2 Star’s Memoir

Surrender by Bono: An Overview of the U2 Star’s Memoir

What background stories are discussed in Surrender by Bono? How does Bono describe his lived experiences? In Surrender, we learn about Bono’s Irish upbringing, how the death of his mother shaped his personal life, and how U2 came together as a band and rose to stardom, giving way to Bono’s celebrity activism. Learning about Bono’s history gives great insight into the nature of stardom and celebrity. Read on to learn more from Bono’s memoir Surrender.

How Barbra Streisand’s Singing Career Began (1960-1963)

A woman singing with band members behind her.

How much musical training did Barbra Streisand receive? What approach does she take to each song? How did her first album do? Today, we know that Barbra Streisand’s singing career has been one of tremendous success. In her autobiography My Name Is Barbra, she tells the story of how it began decades ago in a New York City nightclub. Continue reading to learn about the remarkable beginning of Barbra Streisand’s singing career, from Greenwich Village to Grammys and gold.

Barbra Streisand on Broadway: Career Highlights

A woman on a Broadway stage with a spotlight on her.

How old was Barbra Streisand when she first played on Broadway? Did she win a Tony for Funny Girl? Barbra Streisand is one of those rare talented and versatile performers who’s earned the top awards in film, television, theater, and music. In her autobiography My Name Is Barbra, she discusses her remarkable Broadway career. Keep reading to learn some highlights of Barbra Streisand on Broadway from her memoir.

Barbra Streisand’s Acting Career on Stage and Screen

A woman standing on a stage in bright lights.

When did Barbra Streisand begin acting? Did she worry about being typecast? How has she combined her other talents with acting? Barbra Streisand isn’t just an amazing singer; she’s also an accomplished actress. In fact, she began acting professionally before she started her singing career. Over the years, she’s enjoyed remarkable achievements in the theater and the movies. Continue reading to learn the highlights of Barbra Streisand’s acting career.

Who Is in U2? Bono, Mullen, the Edge, and Clayton

Who Is in U2? Bono, Mullen, the Edge, and Clayton

Who is in U2? How many members does the group have? Where did “The Edge” get his nickname? U2 is made of four musicians: Paul “Bono” Hewson, Larry Mullen Jr., David “the Edge” Evans, and Adam Clayton. A look at who is in the band and how they came together gives you a good understanding of what kind of group U2 is. Read more for some background on each of U2’s four members.

Bono’s Family: How He Handled Fame, Marriage, & Fatherhood

Bono’s Family: How He Handled Fame, Marriage, & Fatherhood

Who is in Bono’s family? What fears did Bono have about fatherhood? Bono’s family is comprised of his wife Ali, their two daughters Jordan and Eve, and their two sons Elijah and John. Bono discusses what it’s like to have a family while in the limelight in his memoir Surrender. Let’s take a look at Bono’s family and how he handled fatherhood as a rockstar.