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Are you interested in mind-blowing true crime? Do you want new true crime stories on podcasts?

True crime takes center stage on an episode of the Last Podcast on the Left. The hosts explore illegal operations within a Florida retirement community and whimsically theorize on the snitch in an unlicensed ED drug racket.

Check out these unreal stories by reading below.

The Underworld of Senior Crime and Unintended Consequences

Delving deeper into the fabric of unusual true crime stories on podcasts, the hosts shed light on The Villages in Florida, notorious for its vibrant and scandalous senior residents. They tackle myths about high STD rates as debunked by a People Magazine feature and discuss the complexities behind STD statistics.

Layered with Henry Zebrowski’s fanciful accounts, they explore the skewed longevity figures from history.

True Crime Twist: From Colorado Funeral Homes to Texas Developers

Among the dark narratives discussed, the hosts explore the ghastly discovery of over a hundred bodies in a Colorado funeral home.

This morbid topic propels a conversation about the illegal organ trade and raises crucial questions about ethically murky practices in the disposal of bodies.


The Villages, a sprawling retirement community in Florida, has recently become the focus of a true crime podcast that delves into the dark underbelly of senior crime and illegal operations. True crime as a genre has gained immense popularity in recent years, with podcasts and shows exploring real-life criminal cases captivating audiences worldwide. This particular podcast sheds light on the unintended consequences of creating a community predominantly inhabited by seniors, where the line between law-abiding citizens and criminals becomes blurred.

The themes explored in this gripping podcast include senior crime, illegal operations, unintended consequences, the underworld of crime, and ethically murky practices. The Villages is known for its large population of senior residents who have retired to enjoy their golden years. However, behind the idyllic facade lies a world rife with illicit activities. The podcast uncovers shocking stories involving everything from STD outbreaks to an investigation into a Colorado funeral home where over a hundred bodies were discovered under disturbing circumstances. It also touches upon topics such as the illegal organ trade and other ethically questionable practices that thrive within this seemingly peaceful retirement community.

As true crime media continues to captivate audiences around the globe, it raises important questions about public perception and its impact on society. Additionally, this podcast prompts discussions about regulation within retirement communities and senior care facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents. 

True Crime Stories on Podcast: Senior Crime & Illegal Organs

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