Is Going to College Worth It, Amidst Rising Costs?

A college degree and graduation cap in the trash as some wonder, "is going to college worth it?"

Is going to college still worth it? How has public confidence in the value of a college degree changed in recent years? What can be done to reduce the financial risk for students? A recent study shows most colleges significantly increase their graduates’ earnings, even as public confidence in the value of higher education is declining. The 2008 financial crisis, the pandemic, and swelling tuition and student loan debts are fueling Americans’ skepticism about the value of a college degree. Let’s take a look at the current value of a college degree.

How to Change Direction in Life & Work: Find a New Way Forward

A person holds a vintage compass and map illustrates a change direction in life

Are you thinking of doing something different with your life? How might you experiment with new goals and ambitions? Despite all your efforts to keep moving forward, sometimes your plans simply don’t work out and you discover that a goal isn’t as achievable as you’d originally thought. Adam Alter argues that, rather than throwing your hands up and quitting, you might need a change in direction. If you’re facing failure, here are ways you can change direction in life.

Feeling Stuck in Your Life and Career? Here’s What’s Causing It

A frowning woman with a wrinkled brow is feeling stuck in her life and career

Are you feeling stuck in your life and career? What are the mental barriers you must overcome to reach success? A problem you’ll probably face in life is hitting a wall, whether it’s in your career, an important relationship, or a creative endeavor. Adam Alter breaks down some common characteristics of this experience, from the inevitable slowdowns in the middle of long-term projects to the traps that can sabotage progress. Let’s look at the factors that are keeping you stuck in a mental hole.

Working in a Team Environment: How to Make It Healthy & Safe

A professional group of five people working in a team environment.

What’s it like working in a team environment? What makes a team environment healthy? Once you’ve started delegating work to your team members to tackle key projects, Claire Hughes Johnson recommends you continuously develop a healthy team environment. There are two primary modes of doing this: offsites, which are multiple-day events outside the office, and regular meetings. Continue reading for more on the two modes that create an environment your employees are comfortable in.

How to Coach Employees: 3 Steps for the Best Managers

A manager wearing a suit and tie who knows how to coach employees, helping a woman at the office.

What’s hypothesis-based coaching? What are ways to coach your employees to success? Claire Hughes Johnson says that hypothesis-based coaching—which we’ll call inquisitive coaching—is when you informally share your observations of your employees to guide them to better performance. Inquisitive coaching has three steps. Keep reading to learn how to coach employees using these three steps.

What Is a Food Critic? Reviewing Food for a Living

A food critic holding a glass of wine and sitting in front of a plate of food at a restaurant..

What is a food critic? What’s it like to work at Condé Nest? Ruth Reichl, a renowned American chef, food writer, and editor, has made significant contributions to the fields of food criticism and editorial work. On Wiser Than Me, Reichl unveils what it takes to be a food critic and the advice that helped propel her career. If you’re considering going into a career in food criticism, read more.

Is Being Famous Worth It? See What the Bad Friends Podcast Says

A fashion model posing on the runway as people take pictures of her, questioning if being famous is worth it.

Is being famous worth it? How hard is it to become successful in the entertainment industry? Becoming a household name in the entertainment industry is one of the toughest jobs out there. But even when you hit your desired level of success, being famous isn’t as glamorous as you think it is. Continue reading to learn why the Bad Friends podcast says fame might not be all it’s made out to be.

How to Avoid Job Offer Scams: Red Flags & Warning Signs

A man in a business suit and clown makeup who is the victim of a job offer scam

What is a job offer scam? How can you tell if a job posting is real or fake? What can happen if you fall for a fake job offer? Rising employment fraud in the US is costing job seekers $2 billion annually. To protect against scams, experts recommend thoroughly researching companies, insisting on in-person or video interviews, and not responding to requests for money. Keep reading to learn how employment scams happen and how to avoid them.

Exploring Diane von Fürstenberg’s Career in Fashion

Diane von Fürstenberg smiling.

How did Diane von Fürstenberg begin her career? What kind of legacy did Fürstenberg leave on the fashion industry? Belgian-American fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, renowned for her iconic wrap dress, has made significant contributions to the fashion industry and women’s empowerment. With her eponymous fashion company available in over 70 countries, she has become a global figure in the world of fashion. Discover more about Diane von Fürstenberg’s career, according to the Wiser Than Me podcast.

Why the Life of a Comedian Isn’t Just Fun and Games

A black and white image of a vintage microphone in an auditorium, representing the life of a comedian.

What is it like to be a comedian? How unpredictable is a comedy career? On Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts sit down with Rich Vos to talk about the ups and downs of being a comedian. Highlights from their discussion include booking gigs, changing routines, and getting the best reactions out of audience members. Learn more about the life of a comedian, according to three who made it big in the industry.