The 2 Types of Business Participants to Attract to Your Company

Business participants in a lecture with whiteboards.

What type of participants do you want for your business? How do you attract users? As you design your platform, you must make choices about which participants you want to invite to your platform and what they’ll be allowed to do. Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary primarily focus on two types of participants: users and external developers. Keep reading to learn how to get users and external developers to use your platform.

The Top 3 Platform Competition Strategies for Businesses

A manager leading an employee in a meeting talking about platform competition.

How can your business compete with other platforms? What are clever platform competition techniques? According to the book Platform Revolution, traditional competitive strategies don’t fully account for the nature of competition among platforms. You need strategies that are more catered to the platform business model instead. Continue reading for three platform competition strategies.

Whatever Works: The Satisficing Model of Decision-Making

A man trying to make a decision

How does perfectionism go against our unconscious mind? How do we innately seek safety and minimize failure? In Alchemy, Rory Sutherland suggests that to solve economic and political problems, we should leverage people’s illogical—and even magical—ways of thinking. One of these is our unconscious desire to go with whatever works rather than the best possible solution. Keep reading to learn about the satisficing model of decision-making and how to make it work for you.

How Assumptions in Economics and Business Miss the Mark

An arrow missing a giant target bullseye

What’s wrong with the math and statistics that go into economic and business models? How effective are market questionnaires? Rory Sutherland insists that, for the most part, the study of economics is completely detached from the realities of human behavior. In his book Alchemy, he provides advice on how economists and business leaders should go about truly understanding what drives consumer choices. Continue reading to learn why Sutherland believes that significant assumptions in economics and business are faulty.

Influence Perception (and Stop Trying to Change Reality)

A magician pulling a rabbit from a hat

How important is it to understand how people see things? How might you shape the way people see things? In Alchemy, Rory Sutherland discusses the importance of understanding human perception and the functions that psychological biases serve. He also explains how meaning and language are vital tools for influencing perception to a positive advantage. Read more to learn why you should stop trying to change reality and instead seek to influence others’ perceptions of reality.

How to Use Psycho-Logic: 3 Ways to Tap Into the Magic of Unreason

Gears working in the brain

What’s psycho-logic? How can you use it to persuade people to do something or buy something? It’s essential to acknowledge and tap into the instinctive, unconscious reasoning behind how people make decisions. Whether you’re selling a product, planning a business strategy, or trying to convince people to eat healthful food, the “magic” of unreason can be far more persuasive than logical arguments and facts. Keep reading to learn what Rory Sutherland has to say about the value of psycho-logic and how to use it.

Rory Sutherland Quotes From Alchemy (+ Context)

A middle aged man with a five o clock reading a book in an office

What’s the problem with logic? What do people value more than things? Why should businesses ignore what their customers say? In Alchemy, Rory Sutherland suggests that, to solve economic and political problems, we should leverage people’s illogical—and even magical—ways of thinking. If business and political leaders can better understand the human psyche, they can use it to tackle the issues of the modern world. Read more for several Rory Sutherland quotes from Alchemy that will give you a good sense of the book.

The Top 5 Customer-Centric Strategies for Growing Businesses

How to Get Customers and Grow Your Business

Do you know who your target audience is? What are the best customer-centric strategies for attracting consumers? If you don’t put customers first, you’ll end up driving them away, which will result in decreased sales numbers. To have a successful business, you must focus on customer-centric strategies that provide a positive experience for buyers. With these five customer-centric strategies, you’ll better understand what customers want and how to offer great service.

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson: Book Overview & Takeaways

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson: Book Overview & Takeaways

Why should you launch a movement and not just a product? How often should you publish content for your audience? How should your strategy change when you sell to a large group? Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson answers these questions and many more. The book serves as a how-to guide for creating excitement for your idea that turns potential customers into lifelong buyers, focusing on how you can tap into your audience’s emotions. Continue reading for an overview of this book, and learn the main “secrets” that will help you create loyal customers.