Gun Rights: The Supreme Court Tests Its Own Limits on Guns

Exterior of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington DC

How should the Second Amendment be interpreted in the 21st century? Should historical precedent inform legislation today? The Daily podcast took on the controversial topic of gun rights. Supreme Court justices and legal experts discussed how the Second Amendment should be interpreted today. Host Sabrina Tavernise led a deep dive into a momentous case holding significant implications for America’s gun rights landscape. Continue reading for a summary of the episode—along with context, alternative perspectives, and recommendations for related reading.

How AI Chatbots Are Changing the Future of Communication

A man talking to an AI chatbot in a depiction of the future of communication

What are the pros and cons of using AI chatbots? Are chatbots like ChatGPT the future of communication? How are chatbots changing how we connect with other humans? The growing prevalence and sophistication of chatbots is reshaping human language, communication, and relationships. As people interact with increasingly human-like chatbots, their conversations with humans could turn more transactional, diluting their ability to empathize and build rapport. Continue reading for a look at chatbots’ effects on communication and the potential risks.

Why the Life of a Comedian Isn’t Just Fun and Games

A black and white image of a vintage microphone in an auditorium, representing the life of a comedian.

What is it like to be a comedian? How unpredictable is a comedy career? On Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, the hosts sit down with Rich Vos to talk about the ups and downs of being a comedian. Highlights from their discussion include booking gigs, changing routines, and getting the best reactions out of audience members. Learn more about the life of a comedian, according to three who made it big in the industry.

Journalism Layoffs Threaten Truth and Democracy

A newspaper store in a city with a closing sign on the front door

Why are journalism layoffs at an all-time high? Why is this so dangerous for society? Which outlets are the most likely to survive? Traditional journalism faces a cataclysmic crisis due to the rise of tech giants, outdated business models, and consumer behavior shifts. The crisis has led to massive job losses in journalism and increased mistrust of the media. Experts warn it could fuel manipulation in democratic processes. Keep reading to learn what’s behind the layoffs and the detrimental effects they could have.

Self-Esteem for Women: Brittany Broski’s Tips for More Confidence

A woman smiling at a mirror who is representing good self-esteem for women.

Why is self-esteem for women so hard to achieve? What are ways Brittany Broski boosts her self-confidence? In an episode of The Broski Report, Brittany Broski discusses the struggle to feel positive about one’s body. Whether they realize it or not, women are faced with an internal conflict of identity that stems from their perception of their bodies and seeking male approval. Keep reading to learn how Broski started gaining her confidence back. 

The Murder of Gianni Versace: Why Couldn’t the FBI Crack It?

An illustration of fashion designer Gianni Versace.

What was the aftermath of the murder of Gianni Versace? Why did it take so long for the FBI to track down murderer Andrew Cunanan? In an episode of Last Podcast on the Left, the hosts critically discuss the Miami Police Department’s incompetencies in the FBI manhunt for Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan had previously murdered Gianni Versace and five other people until his own death. Learn more about the FBI and Miami Police Department’s difficulties in tracking down Cunanan.

Rich Vos, Shane Gillis, & Matt McCusker’s Highlights

A podcast setup on a desk with a computer and a microphone.

What are the challenges comedian Rich Vos has faced in life? How strong is the bond between comedians? In a moving conversation with Rich Vos, Shane Gillis and Matt McCusker reflect on the obstacles some people face on their journies in life. Vos looks back on his struggles with substance abuse and losing two important people in his life. Find out more about the three comedians’ conversation on Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

The Role of Politics in Media—According to Former Press Secretary

A male politician surrounded by people pointing cameras and microphones at him, representing politics in media.

What role does politics play in media? What are the challenges of being a public figure in the political atmosphere? Even those who aren’t making the big decisions in office face drastic changes. Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary, had to navigate politics in media when speaking on behalf of the executive branch of the United States. Continue reading for Psaki’s take on the role of the White House Press Secretary, according to the podcast Smartless.

Brittany Broski’s Experience of Having an Influencer Career

A woman taking a selfie with a phone in front of a graffitied wall, helping her influencer career.

What’s it like to have an influencer career? Where’s the line drawn on privacy for public figures? Brittany Broski is an influencer known for her comedic videos on TikTok and her podcast The Broski Report. On her podcast, she talks about the challenges of being an influencer, especially in terms of meeting the audience’s demands and sticking to her true nature. Check out the demands influencers must meet when advancing their careers.