The Tony Robbins 7 Day Challenge for Life Mastery

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How can Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge change your life for the better? What easy steps can you take to improve your fitness, master your emotions, and improve your relationship?

Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge targets the key areas of your life to improve your well-being. For each day of the week, you’ll have an assignment that will help you improve a specific area, including your physical health, your emotional state, and your romantic relationship. 

Find out how to improve your life in a week with Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge.

Tony Robbins’ 7-Day Challenge: An Overview

Jump-start your life transformation with Tony Robbins’ seven-day challenge. Each day for the next week, you’ll tackle an assignment to begin improving a different area of your life. Here is an overview of Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge: 

Day 1: Master Your Emotional Patterns

Change your habitual emotional patterns to experience fewer negative emotions and spend more time in positive, empowering states:

  1. Write a list of every emotion you experience in a typical week, as well as the situations and events that trigger each one.
  2. Develop a plan for addressing each negative emotion and replacing it with new, empowering emotional patterns. The more consistently you do this, the more you will condition this change. 

Day 2: Master Your Physical Life 

Make a commitment to your physical well-being so that you can enjoy your emotional health to the fullest. Increase your longevity and improve your quality of life by: 

  1. Assessing your current level of health 
  2. Committing to maintaining your health
  3. Committing to making regular exercise part of your identity 

Day 3: Master Your Relationship

Relationships are not only essential to your well-being, but they are also powerful forces in influencing your beliefs, values, and character. Maintain a healthy relationship by:

  1. Talking to your partner about what each of you values most in a relationship, and sharing each of your rules for those values 
  2. Committing to prioritizing the health of your relationship over winning arguments 
  3. Brainstorming with your partner pattern disruptions that you’ll both use when either or both of you become really upset 
  4. When you notice yourself feeling resistance toward your partner, immediately communicating your feelings and using vocabulary that minimizes the intensity of your negative feelings (such as using “peeved” instead of “furious,” as we talked about)

Day 4: Master Your Financial Life

Financial stress causes intensely disempowering negative emotions, yet people get in their own way when it comes to creating and maintaining wealth. Get on the road to wealth today:

  1. Make a list of your beliefs about money. Evaluate whether any of your beliefs are holding you back from creating and maintaining wealth. 
  2. Commit to investing a portion of your money. Decide how much you’ll invest—at least 10 percent of your income—and set up a system to have that money automatically taken from your paycheck and put directly into your investments. 
  3. Find a financial coach to help you create a thorough financial plan. Make sure that you understand your plan, and bolster your knowledge by reading books about finance. 

Day 5: Master Your Behavior to Align With Your Values

Create a code of conduct to ensure you live by your values every single day: 

  1. Write a list of seven to 10 emotional states you want to experience every single day. 
  2. Write a rule for each state. What needs to happen for you to know you’re in that state? 
  3. Put your list of states and rules somewhere you’ll see it frequently. Review it a few times each day to see which states you’ve already experienced that day and which you still need to. This constant awareness about the states you’re experiencing and the ones you want to experience will keep you in control of how you feel and what you experience.

Day 6: Master Your Time

Depending upon what you’re doing and what your frame of mind is, time can seemingly pass quickly or drag on. However, you can learn to control your perception of time to work to your advantage:

  1. Practice switching your focus to the past, present, or future. Focusing too much on one time frame (such as what happened yesterday) puts you in a disempowered state. 
  2. Distort time by combining two activities. If you normally dread doing the dishes, put on your favorite podcast next time you have to do them and watch how the time flies. 
  3. Create a to-do list of tasks that will have the most meaningful impact on your life (like the exercises in this book), rather than those that are merely urgent (like returning phone calls). This helps you use your limited time to accomplish the things that matter most. 

Day 7: Rest 

After working diligently all week on Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge,  it’s time to rest and enjoy yourself. You have two options for your assignment today: 

  1. Make and execute a plan to do something fun.
  2. Do something spontaneous that brings you joy.

Tony Robbins’ 7-day challenge aims to improve your life in the key areas. If you follow the challenge thoroughly, you should see some noticeable improvements.  

The Tony Robbins 7 Day Challenge for Life Mastery

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