How to Use The Magic of Love to Get What You Desire

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What can the magic of love do for you? How can you activate the magic of love? 

The magic of love can help bring your dreams to life by making you feel the joy of having all your desires fulfilled. You can activate it by using your imagination to picture what you want, and the feeling of having that thing.

Keep reading to learn how to activate the magic of love.

Activate the Magic of Love

The only barrier to you achieving an outlandish or distant goal is your belief that what you want is too big to attain. That thought creates feelings of difficulty. You’re saying, “This is too hard to get and will take a long time.” And if you say that, you’ll be right. 

But your idea of big differs greatly from what is possible for the force of love. You may desire a new car, a trip to Italy, a house full of children, perfect health, true love, or your dream job. You may even desire to run your own company, win an Oscar, or publish a book. Whatever you want, no matter how big an achievement it is, imagine that it’s as small as a dot because that’s what it is for the force of love. 

  • Draw a large circle, and place a dot in the middle. Write your desire outside the circle and draw a line to the dot. 
  • Look at this dot whenever you think about what you want to see how small of an accomplishment it actually is for the force of love. 

Try imagining what you want for several minutes each day. Sit with your imagination and picture what you want with all your senses. Feel the joy of having what you want. Stay in that moment until you truly feel what you want is yours, as though you could write your name on it. 

  • Certain desires will be easy to imagine, and you might reach this level in two days. 
  • Other desires will be harder to accept as yours, and the process will take longer. That is when seeing your desire as a dot can come in handy.

Once you’ve sat with your desire and felt the love of having it, your work is done for the day. For the rest of it, give as much love as you can whenever you can to ramp up your magnetic abilities

Achieve Your Goals by Activating the Magic of Love

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