Manifesting Positive Energy: The Key Is How You Interpret Reality

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Which version of reality are you feeding with your energy? What if you just chose to be positive?

Multiple realities exist, and you materialize the one you feed with your energy—positive or negative. That’s the view of Vadim Zeland, who argues that you can choose to consistently interpret experiences in a positive way and, thus, move toward your ideal reality.

Keep reading for Zeland’s advice on manifesting positive energy, along with six tips from The Happiness Equation.

Manifesting Positive Energy

The more you practice living in your ideal version of reality, the more your emotional energy will feed the materialization of what you want. Zeland claims that his method of transmitting or manifesting positive energy will accelerate this materialization process and help smooth your transition into your ideal version of reality.

Zeland explains that you’re always choosing how you interpret all of your experiences. When you choose to interpret something as positive, you transmit positive emotional energy that feeds a positive version of reality. On the other hand, when you choose to interpret something as negative, you transmit negative emotional energy that feeds a negative version of reality. Therefore, choosing to interpret all your experiences as positive ensures that only positive versions of reality can get reflected back to you.

He suggests that you can train yourself to continually transmit positive emotional energy by focusing only on what you want to experience and appreciating all of the good things in your life.

Train Yourself to Transmit Unconditional Positive Energy

Like Zeland, Neil Pasricha (The Happiness Equation) argues that you can always choose to feel positive, regardless of what’s happening in your life. According to him, there’s no such thing as a negative experience—it’s only your thoughts about your experiences that make you interpret them that way.

He claims that you can train yourself to continually feel positive (which will ensure you continually transmit positive emotional energy) by practicing six methods:

1—Get active: Exercising for 30 minutes three times a week increases your ability to feel positive and reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

2—Do good deeds: Deliberately performing spontaneous acts of kindness makes you feel good about yourself. An added benefit is that others show more appreciation to you, too.

3—Switch off: Taking time off from your to-do lists and distractions allows your brain to rest and recharge—giving you more energy to maintain a positive focus.

4—Engage fully: Being fully engaged in your tasks and activities deters distractions because your brain is occupied with accessing all of your knowledge and skills. This makes you feel more positive and also increases your productivity.

5—Practice meditation: Adopting a daily mindfulness ritual, such as meditation, builds your self-awareness, encourages feelings of compassion toward yourself and others, and decreases feelings of stress and anxiety.

6—Be thankful: Taking time to write about experiences you’re thankful for keeps you focused on what you like about your life and how lucky you are.
Manifesting Positive Energy: The Key Is How You Interpret Reality

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