Law of Attraction Techniques: 4 Steps to Happiness

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Once you understand the Law of Attraction, you may be wondering about certain Law of Attraction techniques. Are there ways to improve upon using the Law of Attraction?

These Law of Attraction techniques focus on making you more aware of your feelings and thoughts. You can practice using the Law of Attraction anytime, by focusing your feelings and your thoughts. The choice is yours, and the Law of Attraction is always here for you.

Why Law of Attraction Techniques Work

You can use the Law of Attraction to create your whole life in advance. Just as you learned to set expectations for your day, set the same expectations for your life. Law of Attraction techniques can help you achieve those goals.

  • When you are leaving for a vacation and think, “This trip is going to be awesome,” you are setting the frequency for an awesome vacation. The universe will conspire to bring you people, circumstances, and events that make your vacation awesome. 
    • If you think, “This vacation cost a fortune. It better not be a disaster,” you’re thinking of all the ways it could be a disaster instead of how it will be great. How do you think that trip is going to go?
  • If you think, “I’ll never become what I want,” you won’t.
  • If you always feel like there is never enough time, realize that by always thinking and feeling that way, you have made sure there will never be enough time.

Time is an illusion. Believing you don’t have enough time, whether in the future or today, creates the consequences of rushing and carelessness. 

Rushing stems from fear: fear of being late or disruptive or thought irresponsible. When you rush, you are focused on those fears. The universe will bring more into your life that makes you need to rush. Your thoughts center around fear of the “or else” at stake if you don’t get done what you want. You start to do things quickly, instead of intentionally, and lose sight of your Law of Attraction Techniques.

When you are rushing, simply stop and adjust your frequency. If you are chasing time, pull yourself off that frequency by saying, “I have all the time in the world,” because you do. 

Make it a habit to create every aspect of your life by intentionally setting your thoughts on what you are able to do. Know that you have plenty of time to accomplish your goals, and you will. 

Law of Attraction techniques can vary, but you can learn to better use the Law of Attraction and make the most of your power by changing your behavior and adjusting your mindset.

Law of Attraction Technique #1: Move from Negative to Postive Feelings

Changing your feelings from positive to negative helps stop a negative snowball effect. You know what a bad day feels like. Everything seems to go wrong. You stub your toe, then you’re late for work, then you miss an important phone call, then you get stuck in traffic on your way home. Your thoughts may have been, “Can this day get any worse?” or “With how this day is going, I’m sure I won’t make it home on time.” 

When you get stuck on a negative frequency and do nothing to change it, the Law of Attraction dictates that you will continue to stay on that frequency. You will attract more negative situations or events to your life. But you can develop Law of Attraction manifestation techniques to help change that.

  • As your feelings diminish, a chain reaction is created.
  • You stub your toe, and you think, “Argh, this day is terrible already.” The Law of Attraction receives that signal, so the day continues to be terrible. This will be the case until you make a conscious choice to let go of the anger or frustration and jump on an improved frequency through better thoughts. 
  • When you stub your toe in the morning and feel anger or frustration, become aware of it, and let it go. It’s just one event. It doesn’t have to represent your whole day.

When you let something go and move to a better feeling, stay in that moment for as long as you can. As you stay in that positive place, experience how your thoughts continue to be positive. If a negative thought enters your mind, block it out by feeling good about something. Remember the good you were just feeling, or bring up a new thought that makes you happy. 

Law of Attraction Technique #2: Use the Creative Process

The act of asking for what you want helps you become clear about what you want. Being clear in your own mind is required for the universe to get a clear signal, and is one of the most important Law of Attraction techniques. If you are not clear, you will send out mixed frequencies. If the universe picks up mixed frequencies, you will attract mixed results. Being specific and clear about your desires sends specific and clear signals into the universe.

You must believe that what you’ve asked for will be yours. The moment you have asked, believe and know your answer is coming. What you want already exists in the unseen, and the universe has started to conspire to bring it to the seen. Have complete faith. The universe is a mirror reflecting your dominant thoughts, so believing you already have what you’ve asked for reflects back as you having received it.

Even before you have received, the act of feeling as though you have received communicates powerfully with the universe. Feel all the sensations that come with receiving what you’ve asked for. When you get what you want, you feel happy. Why would you want something that doesn’t make you happy? You wouldn’t. Ask once, believe you have received, and be happy about receiving.

Law of Attraction Technique #3: Increase Your Awareness

Awareness not only helps you see clearly, but also helps you continue to develop your Law of Attraction manifestation techniques. Awareness is necessary not just to claim your power, but to see the answers to your questions when they come. Be aware of everything around you, because you are receiving the answers to your questions every moment of the day

The universe has been answering you all your life, but you may not have received the answers because you were unaware. You weren’t paying attention to your thoughts and questions being asked. Therefore, you couldn’t know what answers to receive. 
The channels that answers can come through are unlimited. Answers can come in the form of a song you hear while shopping, something you overhear in line at the movies, or something you see on TV.

Law of Attraction Technique #4: Transmit Love

When you praise or bless someone or something, you emit a feeling of love. As you know, love is the most powerful frequency there is, and can help you master the Law of Attraction manifestation techniques. Through that frequency, love will be returned to you time and again. So, praise and bless everything and everyone.

Praising and blessing is the kryptonite to negativity.

  • If you scorn or badmouth your enemies, your negative frequency will make sure more negativity comes into your life. 
  • But, as hard as it may be, if you can find praise for your enemies and bless them, that good feeling you have inside—love—will radiate into the universe.
  • As you emit this love, you will experience a shift onto a new frequency. That new frequency will carry forth the signal of good feelings you sent out.  
  • Think of how wonderful it will be to feel no negativity in your life. And all you had to do was show love to everyone and everything.

When you give thanks for what is to come, you emit the frequency of knowing what you want is already yours. When you ask, believe, and feel the sensation of receiving, gratitude reinforces those thoughts and feelings. Be grateful for who you are and your power to change your life. Be grateful for the universe and the work it is doing to give you the life you want.

As you start to focus on all of the things you are grateful for, you’ll begin to notice more things to be grateful for. The more you communicate gratitude with the universe, the more the universe will bring you to be grateful for.

Law of Attraction techniques are meant to help you see your life clearly, and adjust your life, time and behavior accordingly. Remember, all of these important Law of Attraction techniques work together for the best results, and require your dedication and self-awareness.

Law of Attraction Techniques: 4 Steps to Happiness

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