How to Manifest Your Dream Job With the Law of Attraction

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Are you stuck in a job you don’t like, or one you know won’t go anywhere? Have you always wanted to know how to manifest your dream job?

With the law of attraction, you can learn how to manifest your dream job. Using the law of attraction, jobs you only daydreamed about will find their way to you. Find out how it works.

How to Manifest Your Dream Job: Why The Law of Attraction Works

The process of bringing what you want to your life is called the Creative Process. The Creative Process is a three-step guideline for using your thoughts to create the life you want. Think of the Creative Process as super-sizing your ability to harness the Law of Attraction. Although the law is always working, following these steps will make sure it’s working exactly how you want it to. This is how you will learn how to manifest your dream job.

The act of asking for what you want helps you become clear about what you want. Being clear in your own mind is required for the universe to get a clear signal. If you are not clear, you will send out mixed frequencies. If the universe picks up mixed frequencies, you will attract mixed results. Being specific and clear about your desires sends specific and clear signals into the universe will help you learn how to manifest your dream job.

You must believe that what you’ve asked for will be yours. The moment you have asked, believe and know your answer is coming. What you want already exists in the unseen, and the universe has started to conspire to bring it to the seen. Have complete faith. The universe is a mirror reflecting your dominant thoughts, so believing you already have what you’ve asked for reflects back as you having received it.

Even before you have received, the act of feeling as though you have received communicates powerfully with the universe. Feel all the sensations that come with receiving what you’ve asked for. When you get what you want, you feel happy. Why would you want something that doesn’t make you happy? You wouldn’t. Ask once, believe you have received, and be happy about receiving. In the law of attraction, jobs work the same way as anything else: believe in it and it’ll happen.

Manifesting Your Dream Job: Example

This example shows one way to discover how to manifest your dream job. It uses the creative process, the power of positive thinking, and visualization to show through a fictional example of how to manifest your dream job. With the law of attraction, jobs like this are within reach.

Jenny works two jobs to pay her rent. She is often too tired at the end of the day to go out with her friends. She lacks a social life, which makes her feel isolated and depressed. Jenny has thought many times about how good it would feel to have more time in her life. But Jenny has never been able to see a way to make that happen. She’s resigned herself to her lot.

Then, Jenny hears about The Secret and decides to use the Creative Process to change her life. Jenny wishes for more time with her friends. But she realizes this is not clear enough and could create a circumstance where she has time but no jobs. She restates her wish, asking “I would like one job that allows me to support myself and have time with my friends.”

Jenny has a hard time believing her circumstances could change, so she starts to daydream about what that feels like. She imagines getting a promotion with a higher salary at one of her jobs. She imagines shaking her boss’s hand. She imagines getting her first paycheck and knowing it’s enough to cover her rent. She imagines quitting her second job. She imagines coming home when it is still light out. She imagines getting ready for a night out. She imagines meeting her friends at the neighborhood bar. 

Next, Jenny goes back over her daydream and feels all the sensations of those events. She feels the joy of receiving the promotion. She feels the firmness of her handshake and the smile on her face. She feels the giddiness of seeing her first paycheck. She feels the excitement of coming home earlier and preparing for a night out. She feels the happiness she experiences with her friends. She feels the overall relief and bliss that comes from her new life.

Jenny no longer feels isolated or depressed because she has felt her new future and knows it’s on its way. When she gets called into her manager’s office a week later, she doesn’t feel fear. She feels confident and ready to accept her promotion. 

Learning how to manifest your dream job is not an easy task. Often, making career changes is already hard. But by believing in yourself and the law of attraction, you can discover how to manifest your dream job and overcome self-doubt in the process.

How to Manifest Your Dream Job With the Law of Attraction

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