Law of Attraction Relationships: Creating Your Love Story

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Have you ever wondered how to improve your relationship? What about manifesting a relationship? According to the Law of Attraction, relationships are within your control,

In the Law of Attraction, relationships are another thing you can change and attract by harnessing your power. You can learn how to improve your relationship by getting better at the fundamentals Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction: Relationships and How to Keep Them

You can have whatever relationship you want by calling it forth with your thoughts. Think about the type of partner you want. Visualize what that partner looks like. Think about what qualities that partner has. Feel what life with that partner feels like. Believe this partner exists in the world. Believe you have summoned them to you through your thoughts and feelings. This is one way the law of attraction works for relationships.

But a lot of people are in relationships, and want to know how Law of Attraction relationships work, and why they’re better. If you are married or in a relationship, think about what you are grateful for. Show gratitude for the way your partner uplifts your life. Make a list of all the things you love about your partner, and show gratitude for those things.

When you focus on what you love about your partner, even during times of strife, the universe will give you more to love about them. When it comes to Law of Attraction relationships, you can always improve by focusing on the positive.

  • When you focus on what you love, you start to show more love. That love, the most powerful feeling, creates a strong signal for you and your life. 
  • Sit back and be amazed at how many more things you find to love about your partner. Watch how your partner begins to show you more love, as well.

When you focus on the negatives about your partner, the universe will conspire to bring you more of the same. Every couple has arguments. Every person has a list of things their partners do that drive them crazy. But if your thoughts are always on those arguments or things, the Law of Attraction has no choice to bring more into your life to make you angry. 

  • Ever felt suspicious about your partner’s fidelity? Ever let those thoughts become obsessions or deeply felt concerns? What was the outcome?
  • If you believe your partner is being unfaithful, you are calling forth circumstances and events that perpetuate that belief. The universe is listening.

There may be good reason to doubt your partner’s actions. But rather than focusing on them and bringing that reality to fruition, change your thoughts. Focus on what you want the future to look like. Focus on what you want your relationship to look like, and work together on using Law of Attraction relationships principles.

  • If you turn your thoughts to, “I want a marriage that honors our vows,” that picture will come back to you. It may not come back in the way you thought, but the Law of Attraction will conspire to bring that type of marriage to your life.
  • If you say, “I want to trust my partner,” the Law of Attraction must respond by sending back a partner you can trust. Remember: the how is not your concern. The universe will conspire to bring you situations, events, or people who will allow you to experience the sensation of trust with your partner.

While it’s important to understand how manifesting a relationship works, it’s equally as important to understand maintaining one. Keeping your thoughts focused on the kind of relationship you want will ensure you receive and are able to maintain that relationship. One relationship might end, but be open to the possibility that the universe heard your positive thoughts and has conspired to make them a reality. There may be answers in places you didn’t expect. Stay positive in your thoughts. And stay open to receiving. That way, you’ll always be able to start the process of manifesting a relationship, and be open to one when it comes along.

Think about relationships with positivity, and you’ll get positive relationships in return.

Gratitude and Actions Matter

One important step in learning manifesting a relationship, including keeping long term relationships on track, is keeping in mind the other law of attraction principles. Show gratitude for each day as it begins, as though everything you want to happen already has. Gratitude is the cousin of expectation. Showing gratitude for what is to come is linked to setting your expectations, and is key to manifesting a relationship.

  • When you are grateful for the day ahead, you set the expectation for a great day. This expectation creates the frequency of a great day, and a great day you shall have. 
  • Not showing gratitude for the day ahead means you are content to wake up and passively hope for a great day. You will wander from one action and event to another without any thought or control over how things will turn out. 

Byrne says that by the time she is ready to face the day, she has said “Thank you” hundreds of times. Through this action, she is showing gratitude for the day ahead, powerfully setting her expectations for what her day will look like. 

Any action you take is guided by thought. When you take action, you are fulfilling the thought that inspired us to act. When you want to create something in your life, your actions should support what you’re trying to attract, and this can help you learn how to to use Law of Attraction relationships methods.

You’ve heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it.” The principle of acting as if is the same thing. This idea is a physical embodiment of Step 3 in the Creative Process: feeling the joy of receiving what you have asked for. The same is true for actions. You should act exactly as you would if you already had the thing you asked.

  • For example, if you want a new bike but live in a cramped apartment, clear a space and hang a bike hook so the universe knows you are ready to receive.
  • If you want your significant other to commit and move in, make a new key, clear a space in your drawers and medicine cabinet, or get an extra parking pass. 
  • These actions tell the universe you believe and know that you will receive what you want. 
  • If you leave things as is, it’s like saying, “There’s no room in my life for what I’ve asked for.” If you send that signal to the universe, the Law of Attraction will continue to reflect that reality back to you. 

Actions, like feelings, are a good way to understand what your thoughts are. You may not even realize what you’ve been thinking. But by looking at how you behave, you can start to understand your underlying thoughts. Understanding your actions can help you see how ongoing actions are part of Law of Attraction relationships.

When you praise or bless someone or something, you emit a feeling of love. As you know, love is the most powerful frequency there is. Through that frequency, love will be returned to you time and again. So, praise and bless everything and everyone.

Praising and blessing is the kryptonite to negativity.

  • If you scorn or badmouth your enemies, your negative frequency will make sure more negativity comes into your life. 
  • But, as hard as it may be, if you can find praise for your enemies and bless them, that good feeling you have inside—love—will radiate into the universe.
  • As you emit this love, you will experience a shift onto a new frequency. That new frequency will carry forth the signal of good feelings you sent out.  
  • Think of how wonderful it will be to feel no negativity in your life. And all you had to do was show love to everyone and everything.

Law of Attraction relationships are fulfilling and evolving. It can be difficult, but the law of attraction can help you see your partner and relationship clearly. Through manifesting a relationship with law of attraction that you are happy with, you and your partner can work together on showing gratitude and reflecting the relationship you want in your actions.

Law of Attraction Relationships: Creating Your Love Story

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