Creating a Positive Emotional Relationship With Money

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How can emotions affect your relationship with money? How can you have a positive emotional relationship with money?

Negative emotions about money like envy, fear, guilt, and shame will stop you from pursuing money-making opportunities and make you money repellent. Constantly visualizing wealth and finding joy in what you do will help you develop a positive emotional relationship with money.

Read on to discover how to develop a great emotional relationship with money.

Love and Money

Like most people, you may have a love and hate relationship with money. You love money, and when you have it, it feels great. But when you don’t have it, you feel bad about money. Most people feel bad about money simply because most of the money in the world belongs to 10% of the population. The reason for this shouldn’t be a mystery by now. People with money feel good about money, so they give love for money. And the law of attraction gives more money back to them as a result. 

False Beliefs About Money

The reason so many people can’t get on the positive money frequency is because of a bad emotional relationship with money that started in childhood. You probably heard warnings about being greedy or talking about money. Maybe you heard that rich people couldn’t be trusted. You definitely heard that you must work hard to make money. And because you believed everything adults you trusted said, you inherited all those negative thoughts about money. 

You’ve convinced yourself that work is the only way to get money, even if you don’t like what you do. And if you want to earn a lot of money, you have to get one of a handful of lucrative positions. Well, divorce those ideas from your head. They’re not true. 

Think about how different your perspective on life is now that you’ve learned about the Power. You don’t have to be told why you struggle with money. You already know your negative emotional relationship with money has led to negative financial circumstances. The following sections will help you learn how to change your feelings so you can start to feel good about money.

Changing Your Emotional Relationship With Money

When you feel bad about money, you become money repellent. Even if you receive more money in your life, you will not be able to keep it for long. Circumstances will happen to cause you to spend that extra money, like car repairs, an increase in rent, or larger-than-expected bills. These circumstances are a result of your lack of love for money. You can’t just receive money. You have to change how you feel about money for it to stick to your life. 

If you find that your debt keeps accumulating and your bank account is consistently low, check your emotional relationship with money. You’re likely repelling it with negative feelings like bug spray to a mosquito. Change your feelings about money, even if your financial situation is not where you want it to be. Even if you feel hopeless about your current situation, give love to change everything. Nothing is hopeless when the force of love is at work. 

Feel good about money so you become a magnet that draws more money to you. The key is to react positively to any situation involving money. 

Granted, having a constant positive emotional relationship with money is hard to do, and many people struggle in this respect. For instance, if a large bill comes in the mail, your first reaction if you aren’t wealthy is to feel bad. Then, those negative feelings about the bill bring bigger bills to you until you get on a new frequency. 

These eight tricks can help turn your money thoughts into positive thoughts:

1. Only pay bills when you’re in a good mood. 

  • If you start positive, you have a better chance of staying positive. 

2. Play make-believe with the bills. 

  • Pretend the money you’re sending to the company is a donation for their services, rather than a charge. 
  • Treat the payment like a gift you are bestowing on the company or person because of your gratitude for what they bring to your life. 
  • If you have to pay an electric bill, write “thank you” on your check or say it when you send it electronically. The gift of electricity has made your life easier, and this is your donation for that service.
  • If you don’t have the money to pay right away, write “Thank you for the money” on the bill. The law of attraction won’t know the difference between this feigned gesture and real gratitude. It will just pick up the positive feelings. 

3. When you get paid, say “thank you” and feel the joy of being paid. 

  • If you worry about how to make your paycheck stretch, you will be given reason to worry. 
  • When you receive money in any form, even if just a dollar, show gratitude for the gift. Gratitude multiplies, so the money you are grateful for will multiply. 

4. Feel love every time you use money. 

  • When you pay a cashier or make a purchase, acknowledge how much your purchase helps your life. You’ll feel good about giving money when you can feel good about what the money is spent on. These good feelings will help turn your money struggles into a distant memory. 

5. Turn cash and credit cards into positive feeling devices. 

  • Imagine that the front side of each is the positive side. 
  • Always handle cash with the positive side up. Place it in your wallet so the front is facing you when you pull it out. When you see the face on the bill, you will associate it with positivity, which will help you feel positive. 
  • When you see your name on the front of the card, see it as a sign that you have plenty of money. Somewhere, money exists with your name on it. If you can acknowledge this and feel good about it, it will be true. 

6. When you pay for something, wish for abundance for the person taking your cash or credit card.

  • When you give love to someone else, you will receive that love back. 

7. Imagine you have all the money you want right now.

  • If you had all the money you needed, you would feel like a different person. You’d be relaxed and stable. You’d walk, talk, and act differently. You’d think different thoughts because you wouldn’t be worried about money. You’d think about everything you want to buy. 
  • Behave like you have money now. Wake up each day feeling at peace and confident in your financial stability. Imagine having all the things you would buy now. Walk, talk, and act differently today to show the law of attraction what to mirror. 
  • Feel good about having the money today so you can receive it tomorrow. 

8. Be happy for the abundance of others.

  • When you hear about a friend’s raise or new high-paying job, feel happy for them. Get excited about their gains to get on that frequency.
  • When you hear about someone winning the lottery, send them love and enthusiasm. 
  • When you show joy for someone else’s wealth, you choose love, and when you choose love for something, you say yes to it. Say yes to money every chance you get. 
  • Send thoughts of abundance to friends, family, and strangers. Give them money in your mind as though you already have it to give. When you give money, you feel good about helping others. When you feel good about the money you’re giving, you will get more money to give and feel good about. 

Professional Ventures

Work should be enjoyable, not merely a means of making money. When you work to make money, you’re not enjoying the work. When you don’t enjoy the work, you’re on a negative frequency, and money is not the result of negative feelings. You also won’t be rewarded with more work you love. You’ll be burdened with more work you don’t love. 

You must love your work to receive that love back in the form of a better job and more money.

  • If you have a dream job, be grateful for the job you have now. Find every good thing about your job that you love, and you will receive more opportunities to love work. Eventually, you’ll receive the opportunity that fills you full of all the love you’ve been giving out. 
  • If you’re not sure what your dream job is, keep loving the job you have. The process works the same as if you had a specific job in mind. You will continue to receive opportunities that you love, and you will find work that you truly enjoy. 

If you run a company and you’re not successful, your company is repelling money. Check your feelings about your success. If you feel bad about not achieving everything you want your company to achieve, there’s no way to achieve anything better. Find ways to feel good about what’s working in your business. Love all of it to move to a positive frequency. 

Money Isn’t Everything

Money is simply a path to the things you love. But you don’t necessarily need money to get what you want. Think about it. When you daydream about money, do you focus on a big number on your bank statement or do you think about all the joy it will bring to your life? You can also bring those things to your life by showing them love. Don’t limit yourself to what you can afford. You can have whatever you want with the force of love. 

You might ask how you’re supposed to get that new house, car, or leather boots without money. It’s simple—show love in every way you can for those things. Be happy for your friends and family who have new homes or cars. Imagine you are in your new house or car. Pretend you are wearing those boots and walk around with them on. 

The force of love is more powerful than your mind. You may not be able to comprehend how a new house or car will come to you, but the logistics are not your concern. Get out of the way of your success by removing doubt and limitations from your mind and having faith in the power of your love. 

Creating a Positive Emotional Relationship With Money

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