How to Use Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline Model

A male business leader climbing up a ladder using Ram Charan's Leadership Pipeline model

Do you want to work your way up the corporate ladder? How can you use the Leadership Pipeline to make a difference in your organization? Understanding the Leadership Pipeline is the key to running an effective organization. Thankfully, Ram Charan has a clear definition of the Leadership Pipeline. Let’s look at three ways organizations can use Ram Charan’s Leadership Pipeline model to improve.

How to Identify Hidden Organizational Problems

A business manager in a suit and tie stressed from organizational problems.

Are there problems in your organization? How can you fix managerial issues? The Leadership Pipeline is a theoretical model for categorizing leadership responsibilities that employees must fulfill to keep an organization healthy. One of the benefits of using the Pipeline is that it easily identifies organizational problems. Learn how easy it can be to pinpoint the root of the problem with the Leadership Pipeline.

The 6 Stages of Leadership Development in Business

Several business leaders in an office representing the stages of leadership development

What are the stages of leadership development? How does each step in the Leadership Pipeline lead to the CEO? There are six stages to describe the hierarchy of management in the largest organizations. If you work in a smaller organization, you may need to leave out or adapt some stages of the Leadership Pipeline. Let’s look at the specific requirements for each stage of leadership development.

What Does a Managing Director Do? The 2 Biggest Responsibilities

A manager teaching a presentation to employees, showing what a managing director does.

What does a managing director do? Who do they report to? Multi-company managers, also known as managing directors, are high-ranking corporate executives who oversee multiple company managers. They report directly to a conglomerate’s CEO, meaning they’re one of the highest-ranking leaders in a company. Discover more about the responsibilities of a managing director.