Defining Your Organizational Values: Clarity Is Key

How Organizational Values Enable Success

What are organizational values? Why are organizational values important? Organizational values are the beliefs that guide the conduct and decision-making process of the members of an institution. Defining the values of an organization makes it easy to understand the rationale behind the actions of an organization and to evaluate the behaviors of its members. Read on to learn more about the importance of organizational values.

Barriers to Brave Leadership: The 4 Errors to Avoid

4 Practices That Hinder Brave Leadership

What is brave leadership? What are the common barriers to brave leadership in organizations? Brave leadership is a type of leadership that allows for risk and failure, and positively engages with feelings of uncertainty and fear. Organizations that fail to build trust with their workforce, prepare their team to deal with failure, and establish clear values will find it difficult to groom brave leaders. Read on to discover how to overcome the barriers to brave leadership.

The Biggest Myths About Vulnerability in Leadership

How to Embrace Vulnerability in Leadership

What does vulnerability in leadership look like? What are the beliefs stopping leaders from showing vulnerability? Vulnerability in leadership involves the ability to acknowledge the risk and uncertainty of a situation, talk openly about it, and create a safe space for your subordinates to discuss it. Wrong beliefs like “vulnerability means weakness” or “there must be trust before vulnerability” stop leaders from showing vulnerability. Read on to discover how to embrace vulnerability in leadership.

Becoming a Daring Leader: The 2 Pillars of Courage

How to Become a Daring Leader at Work

How do you become a daring leader? Why is grounded confidence essential to daring leadership? You become a daring leader by approaching your work with curiosity and facing your vulnerabilities with confidence. Grounded confidence is what helps you face up to tough decisions instead of running away or hiding behind defensive behaviors. Read more about what it takes to become a daring leader.

Insecure Leadership: The 3 Behaviors to Avoid

3 Key Traits of Insecure Leadership

What is insecure leadership? What are the signs of insecure leadership? Insecure leadership manifests when a leader resorts to harmful habits to stamp his authority and attract admiration because he is uncomfortable with being vulnerable. Habits of an insecure leader include using fear for control, controlling instead of leading, and self-aggrandizement.  Read on to discover more about the traits of insecure leadership.

Seth Godin: Tribes Quotes on Leadership & Community

Seth Godin: Tribes Quotes on Leadership & Community

What are some of the most compelling quotes from Seth Godin’s book Tribes? What are their context and meaning? Tribes by Seth Godin is a book about creating and leading a tribe—a group of people connected by an idea and a leader. It contains practical insights on leadership, community, and society. Keep reading for some thought-provoking quotes from Seth Godin’s Tribes.

What Is the Long-Tail Business Model?

What Is the Long-Tail Business Model?

What is the long-tail business model? How does the long-tail business formula differ from the conventional business wisdom? The long-tail business model is where a business sells a wide range of niche products/services instead of selling large numbers of high-demand products/services. The long tail formula seems to fly in the face of the common advice to focus on one niche product (in other words, to prioritize one thing and do it exceptionally well). Further, expanding your offerings according to the long tail formula could be the key to disrupting the market and winning big. In this article, we’ll take a

Dare to Lead: Book Overview and Key Takeaways

Dare to Lead: Book Overview and Takeaways

What is Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead about? What are the four skills needed for brave leadership? Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead is the bible for brave leadership. The book seeks to get leaders to approach fear and uncertainty head-on, and to teach their subordinates to do the same. Brave leadership requires four skills and they are; facing vulnerability with courage, practicing your values, trust-building, and failure resilience. Below is a brief overview of the key takeaways.

How to Design Your Customer Relationship Strategy

How to Design Your Customer Relationship Strategy

How do you communicate with your customers? Does your business have a customer relationship strategy? Customers expect businesses to understand the relationships they want and to respond appropriately. However, despite spending billions trying to understand customer relationships, businesses often don’t understand these expectations and end up undermining their interaction efforts. There are two steps to designing your customer relationships strategy: 1) define your touchpoints, and 2) define your interactions. We’ll discuss both of these concepts below.

The 3 Types of Free Business Models

The 3 Types of Free Business Models

What is a free business model? How do companies finance the provision of their product/service for free? A free business model is where one or more customer groups receive value at no cost (e.g. a software company offering a limited suite of features for free). Free users are always financed by another part of the business model or by another customer segment. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of free business models, and how they generate revenue.