Platform Revolution: Book Overview and Takeaways

A thoughtful man reading a book.

What makes businesses like Amazon and Spotify successful? How can you start your own platform? In Platform Revolution, the authors compare the platform business model to the traditional business model known as a pipeline. They also outline the essential design and management strategies for platform developers. Read below for a brief Platform Revolution book overview.

What Is a Platform Business Model? The New Type of Business

Silhouettes of business leaders standing in front of a window, representing a platform business model.

What is a platform business model? What are the unique characteristics of platform models? Platforms emerged at the turn of the 21st century as a novel business model that connects producers with consumers. The book Platform Revolution describes pipelines—the business model that dominated before platforms came about—and explains how platforms differ from pipelines. Keep reading to learn more about the revolutionary platform business model.

Pipeline vs. Platform Business Models: The 3 Differences

Two men standing on pipes, representing pipeline vs. platform businesses

What are the differences between the platform and pipeline business models? How do platforms rely on networks? Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary state that platforms will replace pipelines as the new business model. In addition to facilitating direct producer-consumer connections, platforms differ from pipelines in three important ways. Let’s explore the pipeline vs. platform business models.

How to Earn Profit in Business: 3 Money-Making Strategies

A man writing on a sheet of paper with coins stacked next to him, showing how to earn profit in business..

How do you turn a profit in business? What are effective profit-making strategies? Turning a profit can be difficult because many strategies can actually decrease your business’s value. Thankfully, Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall W. Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary have strategies that will guarantee your business earns more money. Find out how to earn profit in business below.

The Most Common Tax Deductions & 3 You Didn’t Know About

A piggy bank in hands depicting the money you can save with common tax deductions

How can tax deductions save you money? What are some examples of deductions that might apply to you? Both common tax deductions like those for dependent care and lesser-known deductions like those for energy efficient home improvements can lower your taxable income, meaning you’re taxed on a smaller amount. Understanding what you can deduct can help you save more money this tax season. Let’s explore how to determine which common tax deductions you qualify for and how to claim them on your tax return.

Herb Cohen’s 3 Tips for a Successful Win-Win Negotiation

Two men shaking hands outside with the sun behind them in a win-win negotiation.

What’s a win-win negotiation? What are situations where a win-win negotiation is necessary? Many people think of negotiation as a ruthless showdown between competitors, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Herb Cohen asserts that the most productive negotiations are win-win, in which two parties find a solution that’s better than what either would have come up with had they stated a list of demands. Keep reading to learn how to get a win-win negotiation that pleases everyone.

The Top 4 Basic Business Principles (Claire Hughes Johnson)

A businessman in a suit and tie pointing at graphs and charts on a screen that represent basic business principles.

What are the fundamental business principles your company should focus on? When should you draft a company mission statement? To ensure that your company has a clear identity to guide its business model, business expert Claire Hughes Johnson recommends that you codify your company’s key principles in a set of guiding papers. These should include four components: your company’s mission, long-term targets, key values, and team charters. Learn more about these basic business principles to get you started.

How to Win a Negotiation: 5 Tips for a Win-Lose Deal

Two people trying to win a negotiation, shaking hands by a cityscape.

Do you know how to win a negotiation? Does your negotiation partner want to be the only winner? Herb Cohen contends that sometimes, it won’t be possible to craft a win-win negotiation. When you suspect someone wants to be the only one who wins, it’s time for you to step up and take the win yourself. Let’s look at five tips that’ll help you win a negotiation.

Selflessness in Leadership: 3 Ways to Put Your Team First

A leader patting someone on the back during a business meeting.

Do you need other people? Are you a giver or a taker? Do you tend to run ahead of others and leave them behind? Many leaders think in terms of what’s best for themselves and base their decisions on their personal goals and opinions. John C. Maxwell writes that, to be an effective leader, you must prioritize your team’s needs over your personal ambitions. Keep reading for Maxwell’s advice on how to practice selflessness in leadership.