5 Verbal De-Escalation Strategies From George Thompson

A man practices verbal de-escalation strategies in a workspace with two employees who are upset with each other

How do you get out of a tense situation? What are some ways to resolve issues rather than make them worse? Law enforcement trainer George Thompson argues that, in a high-pressure situation, it’s most effective to act as if you’re practicing judo. In other words, use the other person’s energy to gently move them in the direction you want them to go. Keep reading to learn Thompson’s verbal de-escalation strategies to handle conflicts in your day-to-day life.

Scaling People: Book Overview (Claire Hughes Johnson)

A young man reading a book at a desk in an office.

What’s Claire Hughes Johnson’s book Scaling People about? What’s the greatest resource every company has? How can you ensure you’re hiring the right people? Fast-growing companies often focus on scaling key aspects of their business, such as their sales, marketing budgets, and manufacturing processes. However, according to Scaling People, they often forget to focus on their greatest resource: their people. Read below for a brief Scaling People book overview.

A Business Growth Plan With Principles & Operating System

A businessman succeeding at his business growth plan, looking at high-rise buildings being constructed in the distance.

What’s the process of building a business growth plan? What essential components are needed for your business to skyrocket? Claire Hughes Johnson’s process for better management involves setting the foundation for long-term growth, both in your company and employees. We’ll examine two of the key steps for building this foundation: codifying your company’s guiding principles and developing your company’s operating system. Continue reading to learn how to create your ultimate business growth plan.

How to Hire the Right Person for the Job in Just 2 Steps

Two men in suits shaking hands outside, showing how to hire the right person.

Do you have a lot of good candidates for a position? How do you decide who’s the best fit for your company? After you’ve created a healthy hiring pipeline, the next thing you must do is hire the correct individuals for any open roles. According to Claire Hughes Johnson, doing so requires two steps: a consistent interview process and a collaborative decision-making process. Learn how to hire the right person who’ll get the job done.

The Perfect Hiring Strategy Plan to Attract the Right People

A confident man wearing a suit and tie in an interview, who is a part of a hiring strategy plan.

What’s a hiring strategy plan? What kind of people will help your business grow? Business expert Claire Hughes Johnson offers recommendations about developing a thriving recruiting pipeline to draw top talent to your company. She also has advice for hiring the best candidates from that pipeline to fill your teams. Let’s look at what you need to include in your hiring strategy plan.

What’s a Recruiting Pipeline? The 3 Strategies to Lure Talent

A man in a suit and tie at a networking event using a recruiting pipeline to talk another person into joining his company.

What’s a recruiting pipeline? What type of job descriptions should you write? The first step to hiring the right person, Claire Hughes Johnson explains, is to build a recruiting pipeline that attracts talent to your organization. She offers three strategies for developing this pipeline: Write transparent job descriptions, evaluate previous applicants, and use referrals. Discover more about these recruiting pipeline strategies.

How to Build an Effective Team: 3 Steps From Scaling People

A leader in front of his workers in a building, demonstrating how to build an effective team.

Do you know how to build an effective team? Is your current team failing to work cohesively? Claire Hughes Johnson recognizes that the work isn’t finished after you’ve hired the best candidates to round out your team. On the contrary, you must take active steps to integrate these new employees successfully into the team. Let’s examine three steps that Hughes Johnson recommends for building and sustaining effective teams.

Working in a Team Environment: How to Make It Healthy & Safe

A professional group of five people working in a team environment.

What’s it like working in a team environment? What makes a team environment healthy? Once you’ve started delegating work to your team members to tackle key projects, Claire Hughes Johnson recommends you continuously develop a healthy team environment. There are two primary modes of doing this: offsites, which are multiple-day events outside the office, and regular meetings. Continue reading for more on the two modes that create an environment your employees are comfortable in.

How to Coach Employees: 3 Steps for the Best Managers

A manager wearing a suit and tie who knows how to coach employees, helping a woman at the office.

What’s hypothesis-based coaching? What are ways to coach your employees to success? Claire Hughes Johnson says that hypothesis-based coaching—which we’ll call inquisitive coaching—is when you informally share your observations of your employees to guide them to better performance. Inquisitive coaching has three steps. Keep reading to learn how to coach employees using these three steps.