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Who was Andrew Cunanan? Why did Cunanan kill fashion designer Gianni Versace?

In an episode of Last Podcast on the Left, the hosts discuss Andrew Cunanan’s successful evasion of the law in Miami. As part of the investigation of Versace’s murder, authorities probed into the possible connection of Cunanan with other homicides.

Take a look at Cunanan’s streak as a spree killer who went unnoticed in Miami.

Andrew Cunanan’s Post-Crime Activities and Police Response

Who was Andrew Cunanan? In the late 1990s, a series of shocking crimes unfolded in Miami, Florida, USA, involving a man named Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan was a criminal on the run who had already committed several homicides before his most notorious act: the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. 

When investigating Cunanan, authorities began to suspect that he was involved in the homicide of Casey Sigler, who was discovered dead on Miami Beach, and the violent death of Carlos Batadoy in the Philippines.

Despite his meticulous behavior such as cleaning his own room at the Normandy Plaza Hotel and being economical with spending, Cunanan eluded capture. The police’s deficiencies were showcased by an incident where an employee at Miami Subs, recognizing him, alerted authorities but Cunanan was gone before they could respond.

Cunanan’s Attempts to Blend Into Miami’s Scene

Andrew Cunanan takes on the alias Andrew De Silva and tries to stay under the radar by doing his own housekeeping and shopping discreetly. 

His impersonation of a low-profile resident doesn’t prevent him from visiting places like the Pleasure Emporium, where his behavior strikes a balance between politeness and aloofness. 

The hosts discuss Cunanan’s lifestyle of stolen wealth and hints of his ambitions in the adult industry.

Planning and Preparing for High-Profile Targets

The episode also reveals the extensive precautions taken by law enforcement against Cunanan’s potential threats, including issuing warnings to a broad list of celebrities, encompassing high-profile fashion industry figures and other public personalities. Some intriguing inclusions on this list, like humorously the actress Lisa Kudrow, and John Travolta, who was mentioned possibly due to his presence in Miami for filming relationships, were noted.

The Pressures Leading Up to Versace’s Murder

As Cunanan stood on the brink of financial desperation, the South Beach police department grappled with initial confusion over the nature of the crime. Theories such as mob involvement or the possibility of a hate crime against the LGBTQ+ community due to Versace’s prominence were considered. 

However, the investigation pivotally changed course when authorities found a vehicle filled with items that could be traced back to Cunanan, solidifying his status as the prime suspect. 

Ed Larson and Henry Zebrowski touch upon Cunanan’s escalating psychological state and his resemblance to film noir characters in his actions and appearance.


Andrew Cunanan’s ability to successfully evade capture by law enforcement is a central focus of this podcast episode. Despite being connected to multiple homicides over a three-month period in 1997, including that of Gianni Versace himself, Cunanan managed to elude authorities for an extended period. His tactics involved adopting different identities and blending into Miami’s scene while leading a low-profile lifestyle. This raises questions about law enforcement strategies and their effectiveness in capturing fugitives like Cunanan.

Another theme explored in this podcast episode is the intersection between crime and celebrity culture. Given that one of his victims was a high-profile fashion designer like Gianni Versace, precautions were taken by law enforcement agencies to protect other celebrities from potential threats. 

Who Was Andrew Cunanan? Deep Dive Into Gianni Versace’s Killer

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