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Why does Brittany Broski have an interest in World War I? What are the effects of World War I on art?

As mentioned in The Broski Report, Broski’s interest in World War I was reignited by her introspective thoughts on mortality, sparked by a TikTok age filter. This interest extends to its impact on art.

Let’s explore Brittany Broski’s World War I fascination below.

Leaping Back in Time With World War I

Also contributing to Brittany Broski’s World War I fascination is her fondness for Ewan Mitchell, an actor in the BBC drama World on Fire. Broski urges her audience to delve into this grim but fascinating aspect of history through a YouTube video.

This appreciation extends to its impact on art. Intrigued by the concept of a “Lost Generation”, Broski explores the prevalent war-inspired art of that era. 

She invites her audience to delve into this grim, but fascinating aspect of art history through a YouTube video she posted.

For the Love of Reading: Throne of Glass and A Farewell to Arms

Another pivot in the episode centers around her passion for reading. Discussing the Throne of Glass series, Broski highlights the intricacy of critiquing books without revealing spoilers, especially when introducing new characters, a testament to her considerate approach during book discussions.

Despite the anticipation of Tower of Dawn not living up to the thrill of Empire of Storms, Broski conveys her unwavering dedication to complete the series. She shared a humorous anecdote about a bookstore salesperson surprised by her keenness to delve into a challenging read like Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.

She also cited her resolve to concentrate on this book due to its stark depiction of the war’s harsh reality—a picture that complemented her intense interest in World War I.


Brittany Broski, a popular content creator known for her presence on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, has recently sparked interest in World War I and its impact on art and literature. This fascination with the war is not limited to a specific time period, as evidenced by her reference to the BBC drama series World on Fire, which explores the lives of individuals during World War II. To understand Brittany’s exploration of war-related topics, it is crucial to have background knowledge of World War I, also known as the Great War. This global conflict took place from 1914 to 1918 and had a profound influence on society and culture. The concept of a “Lost Generation” emerged during this time, referring to those who came of age during or immediately after the war and experienced disillusionment and trauma.

One prominent theme in Broski’s interest is the impact of war on art. The years of warfare served as a backdrop for artistic expression across various mediums such as paintings, books, poems, films, television shows, music, and even video games. Artists responded differently to the changes brought about by war – some embraced its transformative power while others expressed pacifist sentiments through their work. Understanding this theme helps contextualize Broski’s fascination with how historical events shape artistic expression.

Another theme that emerges from Broski’s exploration is introspection and mortality. Her interest in World War I was reignited when she used an age filter on TikTok that prompted thoughts about mortality. Contemplating the realities of war often leads individuals to reflect on their own mortality and raises existential questions about life’s purpose.

Brittany Broski on World War I, Period Pieces, and Books

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