The Power of Giving—Why Giving Back Is Always Worth It

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Do you often give money to charities or other causes? Do you believe in the power of giving?

It’s a wonderful thing to be generous and share your good fortune. But the power of giving back is greater than the effect it has on the people you help. The power of giving back also means that you experience benefits from the energy you put into the universe.

The Power of Giving Back: Why It Matters

The power is giving back is simple. When you give, you are acknowledging that you have more than enough to share. This powerful action sets you on the frequency of having plenty of money, and you will continue to have plenty. Therefore, the power of giving back comes back to you, too.

If you don’t believe you have enough to give, you now know why you don’t have enough to give. When thoughts of not enough enter your mind, start giving. The power of sacrificial giving is an act of love and abundance, and love feels good. Giving from a full heart is one of the best feelings in the world. The Law of Attraction will use that signal to send even more to your life. The power of giving will make sure it happens.

As you exhibit faith in the ability to give, the Law of Attraction must provide you more to give. 

Financial sacrifice is not the same as giving. Sacrificing stems from a thought of giving despite your lack. The underlying thought is one of there not being enough- which is not the same as the power of giving back. Your good deed for another creates a bad frequency for you. Sacrifice will lead to resentment. Your thoughts of being without will be compounded as you feel you are losing more.

The actions of giving and sacrificing are the same. The thoughts are different. Turn your thoughts about sacrificing into thoughts of sharing your abundance with another, and harness the power of giving. Those thoughts will signal the Law of Attraction with the right frequency.

The Power of Giving Leads to Abundance

The Law of Attraction can be considered the law of supply. With this law, there is an infinite supply available for you to attract. Remember, the things that come to you and the things you desire are not due to anything on the outside, including the power of sacrificial giving. In order to harness the power of giving, you need to believe in abundance and your control of your circumstances.

  • No one has made the decision to give or not give you something. 
  • If you believe others are in control, you have no choice but to see life through the lens of lack
  • If you believe life is physical and finite, you will experience life as one of limitations, rather than abundance.

You are the creator of your own life. Anything that comes from the outside originated inside you, including what you manifest from the power of giving. If you believe in abundance, you can ask for whatever you want, and harness the power of sacrificial giving.

Manifesting five dollars is no easier than manifesting five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars. The only difference is your ability to believe. You likely believe that attaining five dollars is not hard because it’s not a lot of money. If you can believe the same thing about five million dollars, you will start to believe it is not hard to attain, as well. And remember, power of abundance and the power of giving go hand in hand.

To learn how to harness the Law of Attraction, start small. Do a test run. Ask for something small and simple. Something you have no trouble believing can be yours. When you receive that small thing, move on to something a little bigger. Once you experience receiving something small, you will be able to believe in receiving anything.

As you learn to expect good things and abundance, you will begin to create a life that includes good things and abundance. 

The power of giving not only helps those to whom you give, but send out signals to the universe. Your gift shows that you believe in abundance, and you can take comfort that more will come to you.

The Power of Giving—Why Giving Back Is Always Worth It

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