Law of Attraction Visualization: How to Get What You Want

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Can you make great things happen by thinking about them? Can the act of picturing something make it achievable? With the “law of attraction” visualization technique, you can.

The law of attraction visualization technique is meant to help you manifest and achieve the things you want. Keep reading to learn how to use visualization and what it means.

What Is Visualization?

The concept of law of attraction visualization is simple. Visualization is mentally picturing what you want. It’s a way of saying to the Universe, “Look at me with what I want. It’s a pretty picture, no? I’m so happy to have received this gift.” The state of mind—the plane on which we visualize—is as real as the physical world. 

You may be wondering how to use visualization. When you visualize, you situate yourself on a powerful frequency. The Law of Attraction, by its very nature, will pick up that frequency and follow it until the end. All the pretty pictures you created in your mind will become the pictures of your life. Law of attraction visualization will bring them to you.

  • Byrne provides an example of Olympic athletes who visualized participating in their events. Hooked up to various transmission equipment, the data revealed that as the athletes mentally performed, the same muscles used during their physical performance were engaged. The brain sent the same signals throughout the body as if the actions were actually happening. 
  • Look at the big inventions in the world. Electricity, aviation, cars, the Internet. All of these seemingly impossible inventions at the time came into creation simply because someone somewhere saw an image of it in their minds. They visualized their creation, and all of the forces of the universe conspired to make that image a reality through the inventor. 

More than simply holding a picture in your mind, you have to feel the experience, as well. Remember, our feelings take our thoughts to the next level. The feeling is what solidifies the attraction in the universe. The picture is just the thought. Law of attraction visualization requires both these things to work.

  • Think about the Porsche you wanted. If you just hold a picture of you in the Porsche in your mind, the universe only has one dimension to work with. That picture might come true, but the result might just be you at a Porsche dealership testing out the comfort of the seats. You leave and go home without the Porsche because the universe only picked up that flat signal.
  • Static pictures are more difficult to feel on a deep level, so create movement in your picture. 
  • Rather than just seeing yourself in a Porsche, see yourself driving the Porsche. Feel the wind in your hair, the pride in owning a Porsche. How special do you feel? It’s pretty great, right?

As you see the picture and experience the feelings encompassing it, you are placing yourself within the realm of believing and receiving.

  • You are telling the universe you trust it and have faith that the end result of what you want is certain, even if you don’t know how yet. 
  • Your entire being is acknowledging the process as completed. 

Here’s a trick: think of what you want as a fact of life already. When you believe something as fact, there can be no question that it will come to pass. 

  • No one believed in Henry Ford when he wanted to build the automobile. But in his mind, the car was inevitable. It was a fact already in existence, which likely prompted his quote, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

Do you believe you can do anything you want? If so, then just believe it’s true, and it will be. Learning how to use visualization takes time, but the process gets easier the more you work on it.

Praise and Bless

When you praise or bless someone or something, you emit a feeling of love. As you know, love is the most powerful frequency there is. Through that frequency, love will be returned to you time and again. So, praise and bless everything and everyone. This is an important part of law of attraction visualization because it helps show gratitude and cut out negativity.

Praising and blessing are the kryptonite to negativity.

  • If you scorn or badmouth your enemies, your negative frequency will make sure more negativity comes into your life. 
  • But, as hard as it may be, if you can find praise for your enemies and bless them, that good feeling you have inside—love—will radiate into the universe.
  • As you emit this love, you will experience a shift onto a new frequency. That new frequency will carry forth the signal of good feelings you sent out.  
  • Think of how wonderful it will be to feel no negativity in your life. And all you had to do was show love to everyone and everything. 

Make a Vision Board

Another law of attraction visualization technique is to make a vision board. A Vision Board is a physical representation of all the things you want. To create one, get a poster board. Cut out pictures representing what you want in your life – things, people, experiences. Looking at your Vision Board, you should feel it encompasses all the major things you want out of life.

The act of creating a vision board is the act of asking.

As you put each item on the board, make sure you take a moment to feel the experience of already having that item now. 

  • If you put a picture of a beach vacation on your board, feel what it’s like to be on that beach—the sun, the Mai Tai, the sand in your toes, the relaxation deep inside. If you can feel what it’s like to be there, the universe will find a way to bring those feelings into reality. 

Put your Vision Board in a place where you can see it every day. Take a moment every day to visualize your ideal life.

Vision Boards are good activities to do with children to help them begin to understand law of attraction visualization. You’re never too young to start creating the life you want. 

Law of attraction visualization not only helps you manifest your goals but also can help you be mindful about what you want and what you hope to achieve.

Law of Attraction Visualization: How to Get What You Want

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