The Hiding Place Book Club Questions to Think About

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Are you looking for The Hiding Place book club questions? What are some of the key themes and ideas to discuss?

This list of The Hiding Place book club questions bring up the issues of faith and defiance. Explore the list below to help you better understand the book.

The Hiding Place Book Club Questions

The Hiding Place is Corrie ten Boom’s autobiographical account of her experiences rescuing Jews from Nazi persecution during the Holocaust. Her decision to risk her own safety to stand up for what she believed was right derived from her deeply held Christian faith and her unshakeable conviction in the power of love to trump hate. These three categories of book club questions for The Hiding Place will help you explore key concepts.

4 Questions About Beliefs

  1. Think about how your core beliefs anchor your behavior and outlook.
  2. Corrie’s sense of right and wrong was powerfully influenced by her commitment to Christian doctrine. In a few sentences, describe what you think are the main influences behind your moral values.
  3. Have circumstances ever forced you to compromise these moral values? If so, briefly describe the situation.
  4. In thinking about this, what can you do in the future to help yourself live in accordance with your deepest-held values?

4 Questions About Defiance

  1. Think about the circumstances that might cause you to defy authority.
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where an authority figure asked you to do something or behave in a way that was in conflict with your beliefs? Briefly describe the situation.
  3. In a few sentences, share how you responded to this situation.
  4. When do you think defiance of authority is justified?

Understand The Hiding Place With 4 Book Club Questions

  1. Explore the main takeaways from The Hiding Place.
  2. In a few sentences, explore the conflict between Corrie’s Christian ideals and her defiance of the Nazi occupation authorities.
  3. Explain how Corrie’s belief that God’s divine plan determined the course of all human events sustained and strengthened her during the Holocaust.
  4. Why do you think Betsie was so able to forgive her persecutors and even see them as victims?

The Hiding Place Book Club Questions to Think About

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