The 10X Formula: Aim Higher and Work 10 Times More

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What is the 10X formula? How can it help you achieve success?

The 10X Rule is all about extreme effort for extreme results. The 10X formula reinforces that message and gives you tools to achieve amazing things.

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The 10X Formula

Instead of coming from external factors (money or connections), success comes from having the right mindset. Cardone argues you need to scale up your thinking and actions by a factor of 10. The 10X formula for success is: Set goals that are 10 times bigger than the average, then work 10 times harder than average to achieve them. Cardone refers to the latter as taking “massive” action. It takes extraordinary thinking and effort to achieve extraordinary success.

Setting 10X goals and taking extraordinary steps to achieve them isn’t taught in business schools. But anyone who achieves extraordinary success—whether a CEO, philanthropist, entrepreneur, politician, or athlete—follows the 10X rule, whether they realize it or not. What successful athlete hasn’t devoted extraordinary effort to training and practice?

The 10X Rule can be applied to any personal or professional goal, whether it’s having an extraordinary marriage, starting a hugely successful business, or making $10 million.

Besides reaching your goals, living by the 10X standard provides other benefits, including a sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, a way to overcome fears and procrastination, renewed energy, and greater satisfaction. Further, it’s a way to stand out from the crowd, fulfill your potential, and create the life you want.

In business, a think big/act big mindset enables you to overcome obstacles such as competition, economic downturns, disruptions, and client resistance.

Operating at a 10X level is a discipline for reaching all goals, it’s a way of life, and the way to handle all tasks and projects

Getting Started with 10X

To get started, just think about the traits of success and determine what you need to do.

Make a list of your goals, then a list of actions, then start taking those actions.

Keep in mind:

  • Don’t scale back your goals as you write them.
  • Don’t get hung on the details of how to achieve them.
  • Write down what you can do today to move toward these goals.
  • Take the actions you list, regardless of your feelings.
  • Don’t prematurely judge the outcome of your actions.
  • Review the list each day.

Don’t give in to the urge to wait, or try to talk yourself out of acting. Changing your life is like being in a vehicle that’s stuck in the mud; you only need enough traction to move a few inches. It will get messy, but soon you’ll make real progress.

Act now (not a few minutes from now) and keep acting with the assurance that by doing everything in your power in the present, you’re creating the future. Nothing—whether it’s financial problems, fears, past failures, or other challenges—is bigger than your ability to dream and act at 10X levels.

The 10X Formula: Aim Higher and Work 10 Times More

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