How to Save America: Mark Levin’s Plan to Stop Marxism

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Can America be saved from a Marxist revolution? What can you do if you’re concerned?

In American Marxism, Mark Levin argues that leftists are fueling a Marxist revolution against American culture and society. He calls American patriots to action, explaining that the only way to combat the rise of Marxism in America is by boycotting, speaking up, and taking legal and administrative action.

Keep reading to learn Levin’s advice on how to save America.

How to Save America

Levin asserts that leftists are indoctrinating the public with radical Marxist ideologies like Critical Race Theory through public education, reinforcing these ideas through the media and entertainment, and censoring opposition with “cancel culture.” Levin claims that, if American patriots fail to expose this left-wing brainwashing, Democrats will gain dominion over the American government and society. Ultimately, they’ll create a totalitarian regime in which American values like freedom of speech, free-market capitalism, and private property rights are non-existent.

The following sections lay out Levin’s advice for how to save America, specifically how patriots can fight back against Marxist education systems, corporations, politics, and advocates.

Strategy #1: Stop Marxist “Social Justice” Movements

Levin says that social justice movements like Antifa and BLM are dangerous Marxist groups that incite violent riots and must be held accountable. To combat these groups, patriots can urge lawmakers to pass laws that make the punishment for violent protests more severe.

Citizens can also sue organizations and individuals that took part in riots for damages. Levin says this will hopefully diminish the finances of these groups while reimbursing victims.

(Shortform note: Many people have taken Levin’s advice, pushing for what some call “anti-protest bills.” A Florida bill has been proposed that would (1) give law enforcement broad discretion to deem a protest or gathering a “riot” and charge participants with felonies; (2) make it harder for cities to decrease police funding; and (3) prevent protestors from suing for damages if they’re harmed. Similar bills are being considered in 21 other states.)

Strategy #2: Fight Degrowth, Save Capitalism

Levin argues that the environmental justice movement is an attack on capitalism, property rights, liberty, and the American way of life. Patriots must combat legislation that caters to this agenda with legal and administrative action.

Levin says that you must know your rights and use anti-Marxist state attorneys general to file lawsuits, when appropriate, against organizations that interfere with your use of your property or the value of your property—for example, new “green” policies that may prevent the development or free use of private land.

(Shortform note: Levin recommends filing lawsuits when appropriate to combat degrowth and anti-capitalist activities. But filing a lawsuit can be a confusing, complicated, and expensive process. Experts recommend considering a number of factors before deciding to go through with the process. For example, make sure your opponent is solvent before filing a lawsuit, determine whether you should file in a state or federal court, and understand the statutes of limitations.)

Strategy #3: Fix the Education System

Levin explains that patriots must fight against Marxist indoctrination in the education system by (1) educating their children on American values, and (2) getting involved in school curricula and the Board of Education.

Levin elaborates that, above all, it’s a parent’s responsibility to educate their children on the glory of America and the dangers of Marxism. He instructs patriots to teach their children about the merits and values of American history, the constitution, and capitalism.

(Shortform note: Levin recommends that parents teach their children important lessons about America at home that may not be included in their school curriculum. But this can be daunting for many parents who might struggle to hold their child’s attention or organize a lesson plan. To ensure that your child is effectively absorbing information when teaching at-home lessons, experts recommend incorporating strategies such as designating a “learning zone” in your home, gathering the necessary materials beforehand, and researching lesson plans online that cover the topics you have in mind. These techniques will minimize distractions, help your child stay engaged, and help you organize your lessons.)

Levin also emphasizes the need to get involved in the school board to end Marxist indoctrination. Patriots should ensure that curricula, textbooks, and teacher training are free from Marxist influences like CRT. Urge legislators and governors to enact laws that protect against indoctrination in schools. Get local lawyers or attorneys involved if necessary. 

(Shortform note: Levin recommends that parents get involved with the school board to ensure that Marxist indoctrination is absent from their children’s education. However, experts explain that this isn’t possible for all parents—to become a school board member, you must be a registered voter and not be employed by the district your child attends school in. Further, school board members are required to serve two- to six-year terms, which can be a large commitment for parents who have a career. If becoming a school board member isn’t an option for you, experts provide further details on how you can change policy at school, like encouraging your children to get involved in student government or filing a formal complaint.)

Strategy #4: Fight Marxist Corporations

Levin argues that patriots should fight Marxist corporations like Google or Amazon and support nonpartisan and local companies instead. There are three ways in which he recommends doing this:

1. Stop supporting large corporations that engage in Marxist indoctrination. Stop using social media apps like Twitter and Facebook and instead turn to platforms like Parler. Stop shopping at chain grocery stores and shop at local grocers instead. Extend this practice to all big corporations.

(Shortform note: The practice of removing support from organizations you disagree with, called boycotting, has been a common and easy-to-implement form of protest for centuries. However, Parler may not be the most reliable alternative for someone looking to boycott mainstream social media apps. Parler is a “free speech” site that was removed from app stores for failing to regulate posts intended to incite violence. It was also the app used to plan the 2021 riot on the US Capitol. Parler is still banned from the Google Play store, but it has returned to the Apple app store.)

2. Start campaigns to encourage banks, religious institutions, corporations, governments, pensions funds, and so on to withdraw investments and financial support from Marxist organizations and movements.

(Shortform note: Experts explain that it’s a complicated and sometimes detrimental process for organizations to divest from causes such as Marxism, as Levin suggests. So if you’re going to start a campaign to encourage organizations to do so, it’s a good idea to present them with a plan that will make the process easier. For example, experts recommend that organizations looking to divest establish a team of experts dedicated to the process; outline the specific necessary steps for de-integration; and clearly communicate the logic behind the divestment with stakeholders like buyers and employees.)

3. Campaign for local and state governments to (1) end their support, like taxpayer subsidies, for institutions that are linked to Marxist ideologies or movements; and (2) ban Marxist indoctrination, like teaching CRT, in public schools.

(Shortform note: Levin recommends that you campaign for governments to enact sanctions against Marxist organizations and institutions and work to pass legislation that bans Marxist indoctrination. However, it can be difficult for the average person to have their voice heard in policy development. Experts explain that there are concrete actions you can take to ensure equitable engagement and representation. For example, you can encourage local governments to revise public participation laws so that more meaningful forms of civic engagement (like face-to-face meetings between policymakers and citizens) are supported.)

Exercise: Identify Marxist Indoctrination in Your Life

Levin explains that Marxist indoctrination surrounds Americans in their everyday lives. However, you can protect yourself from it by identifying forms of indoctrination in your life, who’s behind them, and what their end goal is.

  • Recall a time that you had a conversation, saw a social media post, read a news article, or came into contact with any form of Marxist indoctrination discussed by Levin. Describe who the information was coming from and what they were saying.
  • The next time a similar instance occurs, what can you do to expose and resist this indoctrination? (For example, can you explain to the person why they’re wrong, report the post, stop watching the news channel, or go to a school board meeting to change the curriculum?)
  • Now that you’ve brainstormed how to handle indoctrination in your personal life, make a list of actions you can take to protect your community from other forms of Marxist indoctrination. (For example, you may be able to file lawsuits or increase your political participation.)
How to Save America: Mark Levin’s Plan to Stop Marxism

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    Why isn’t the Markist flag made available so the message would be clear an people will see the light. Instead of hiding.

    We know what’s going on an our representatives are taking action to counter their efforts that would hurt the citizens.
    Throughout history we had to endure . For America ,God Bless America.


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