The 4 Best You Are a Badass at Making Money Quotes

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What are the best You Are a Badass at Making Money quotes? Is a lack of money holding you back from reaching your goals?

According to Jen Sincero in You Are a Badass at Making Money, the key to breaking out of a financial rut is changing the way you think about money. She argues that by ridding yourself of underlying, limiting beliefs about money, identifying your aspirations, and trusting in the universe, you can become wealthy.

Let’s look at the best You Are a Badass at Making Money quotes that reflect Sincero’s ideas.

You Are a Badass at Making Money Quotes

According to Sincero, the best thing you can do to change your relationship with money is to change the way you think about money. If you address the beliefs that hold you back from chasing your aspirations, nothing will stop you from achieving financial success. Sincero states that “financial success” means being able to pay for the things you need to live the life that represents your best self. It’s not necessarily outrageous wealth. 

These are the best You Are a Badass at Making Money quotes that’ll put you in the right mindset about making money.

“When you don’t investigate what’s going on with your words, thoughts, and beliefs, you risk stumbling through life on autopilot.”

To begin changing your unhelpful views of money, Sincero argues that you must address your subconscious thoughts first—those that you’re not actively aware of, but that still influence your behavior. You likely have positive conscious views about money—namely that your life would be better with more of it—but your subconscious views might reflect a different story.

You’re born without any inherent views on money, but as you grow up, your life experiences and the beliefs of the people who surround you impact you. Your subconscious catalogs these influences before you’re old enough to understand their nuances and contexts, and they become subconscious values that guide your behavior into adulthood. 

For example, say you grew up in a low-income household, but you had an uncle who made a lot of money and lived a lavish lifestyle. You often overheard your parents talking about how your uncle was selfish and didn’t want to spend time with your family after he achieved financial success. Therefore, you grew up viewing wealth as something that drives people apart and changes people’s personalities, and you subconsciously avoid accumulating wealth as an adult. 

“When we don’t master our minds, we risk building our lives on a foundation of flimsiness.”

To avoid letting your negative subconscious views about money rule your financial life, Sincero suggests practicing this exercise: 

Step #1: Identify an unhelpful subconscious view. For example, an unhelpful belief from our earlier scenario was that wealth changes people for the worse. 

Step #2: Interrogate this view. For example, you might ask, “Does money itself change a person’s personality?” or “Can money help people make positive changes?”

Step #3: Write down answers to these questions. For example, for the first question, you might say, “No, money itself doesn’t change people. It can bring up aspects of people’s personalities that they didn’t show before, but it doesn’t create new personalities.” For the second question, your answer could be, “Yes, money can allow people to relax and spend more time with their family and friends because they don’t have to work as much. This is a positive change.”

Step #4: Write a positive, empowering statement based on what you discover from your inquiries. Speak it out loud so you can feel its emotional effect. For example, your new statement could be, “I decide how money helps me grow and change.” 

“Time wasted rationalizing the mediocre could be time spent creating the magnificent.”

Sincero argues that you must commit fully to your dreams and financial goals. Committing fully means letting go of your contingency plans and making a conscious decision to pursue the path that helps you acquire the money you want.  

Committing is important because it shifts your mindset—when you focus all your energy on meeting your true goal instead of spreading it between your different contingency options, you begin looking for ways to make it come true. You’re more willing to take risks, and you have to believe that it’ll work out. There must be at least some chance of the plan working out because you wouldn’t have chosen it in the first place if you didn’t believe it could work.

“What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.”

Sincero states that you must nurture your belief that the universe will provide you with everything that you want. You must always be open to the opportunities the universe is ready to provide for you and have faith that you’ll reach your goals, even if you don’t yet know how. 

According to Sincero, one of the best ways to engage positively with the energy of the universe is by practicing gratitude. The universe wants you to become the best version of yourself—being grateful shows that you understand that and you wish to send the love back. If you put out loving thoughts and feelings via gratitude, the love of the universe will come back to you in the form of success and opportunities. 

Additionally, being grateful means you can approach any situation in a positive way, including difficult ones. Every situation can be a chance for positive growth. When you have setbacks and painful experiences, you can look at them as learning opportunities instead of failures or misfortunes. This keeps you moving forward toward your goals, financial or otherwise, instead of holding you back in a mindset of bitterness or discontent.

To practice gratitude, Sincero suggests writing down 10 things that you’re grateful for before you go to sleep every night. Second, note down five things that are upsetting, frightening, or irritating in your life right now. Then, write down a reason to feel gratitude toward these five things. 

The 4 Best You Are a Badass at Making Money Quotes

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