Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

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How can practicing gratitude in your life strengthen your power and faith? What are some things you can be doing to show the universe that you are grateful?

Practicing gratitude leads to an endless cycle of good feelings. It puts you at a high frequency which puts you in a powerful position to attract more good things.

Keep reading to learn how practicing gratitude can improve your life.

Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude is a state of being — having an awareness of and appreciation for the many miracles in your life. Think about how it feels when you thank someone for doing something incredible for you. You feel great, having received whatever it was and sending out thanks; they feel great for being appreciated, then you feel great again — it’s an endless circle of good feelings. 

Because practicing gratitude creates such good feelings, it puts you at a high frequency, connecting you to Source Energy, which puts you in a powerful position to manifest more good things and experiences.

The more you can stay in a state of practicing gratitude, the stronger your connection to Source Energy and the more effortlessly you’ll be able to manifest something you can’t see into your reality.

When you are not practicing gratitude, you cut yourself off from the potential flow of good things into your life.  When you’re disappointed, angry, guilty or oblivious instead of grateful, you’re at a lower frequency, less connected to Source Energy, and in a less powerful state to manifest good things into your life. 

Gratitude and Power

Wallace Wattles perfectly expressed the power of gratitude in “The Science of Getting Rich”: “You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Power.” In other words, you are practically powerless without gratitude. 

When you send grateful energy out, you receive it back, bringing you closer to Source Energy, raising your frequency higher and higher until you realize you are the same as Source energy, and you manifested your reality yourself. 

Practicing gratitude connects you to the truth: you are the power. Being grateful to Source Energy is being grateful to yourself.

Gratitude and Faith

Gratitude strengthens faith. Faith is believing in what you can’t yet see. It is what allows you to leave your comfort zone and change your present reality. Faith destroys fear and allows you to take risks. A consistent state of gratitude makes it easier to believe that more good things are out there for you — you’ve received good things before, so it’s easier to believe more is coming. 

Having faith means being grateful for what you don’t have yet. When you have unwavering faith and unwavering gratitude, your ability to manifest magnifies. When you’re grateful for that which you haven’t yet received, you’re telling the Universe you know it already exists, putting you at the right frequency to receive it.  

You Are a Badass author Jen Sincero uses the example of always being able to find a good parking space. She approaches parking with a knowing, relaxed and grateful attitude that the perfect spot is already hers. Inevitably, she gets a good spot and receives it with excitement and more gratitude, never taking it for granted.

Tips on Practicing Gratitude

Find the good in any situation. Be grateful, look for the good, and learn. No matter what is going on, say, “This is good because . . .” Look for ways to be grateful for all you’ve manifested — even the bad stuff. For example, if you have a flat tire you can be grateful for being able to show your kids how to deal with an unexpected situation, plus spending extra time with them. Doing this is important because focusing on the negative things in your life lowers your frequency and keeps you in a state of resentment and pain, possibly attracting more negativity to you. Focusing on the positive aspects raises your frequency, allows you to grow because you see the lesson in the experience.

Write thank you notes. Mentally or physically, think about your day and note 10 things you are thankful for. Stopping and noticing throughout the day all the things you can be thankful for raises your frequency.

Love yourself. Be grateful for all you are and will be.

Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

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