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What are the reasons why people fail in life? How do you avoid failure?

There are two major reasons why people fail in life, it’s either because they fail to continue on the path of success, or they are distracted by shortcuts to success. You can avoid failure by sticking to the path of success, which means relying on your talent, hard work, and attitude to become successful.

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Why Do People Fail in Life?

There are a couple of reasons why people fail in life. First, some people don’t follow the Certain Way for long enough. If anything stops working towards advancement, it dissolves or dies. 

For example, consider the parable of the talents (an old currency). A man gave each of his three servants talents. Two of the servants invested their talents and made more money. The third servant buried his talent in the ground, where it did nothing. The man took the buried talent away from the third servant and gave it to one of the other servants, who would actually do something with it.

The second reason is because some people are tempted away from the Certain Way by other apparent methods of getting rich. There are examples of people in the world, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller, who have gotten rich by being competitive or shrewd, or by only accidentally using Original Substance.

People who get rich in a way other than the Certain Way aren’t truly rich. They’ll only stay rich for as long as it’s useful to the Original Substance, for example, as long as it takes them to invent something that is related to the success of someone else’s vision. This kind of rich person is simply part of the evolutionary process, and God will do away with him when he’s no longer needed.

2 Major Reasons Why People Fail in Life

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