What Is YIMBY? Introducing the “Yes in My Back Yard” Movement

What is YIMBY? What’s the frustration behind it, and what’s its goal?

YIMBY (“Yes in My Back Yard”) is a social and political movement focused on affordable housing. A response to NIMBY (“Not in My Back Yard”), they demand reforms in policies and regulations that govern housing in large cities.

Keep reading to learn about the YIMBY movement and its demands.

What Is YIMBY?

What is YIMBY? YIMBY stands for “Yes in My Back Yard.” YIMBYs are predominantly young people frustrated with the current state of housing affordability and availability in major cities. They are pushing for radical changes to housing policies and zoning regulations to address the housing crisis.

YIMBYs argue that restrictive zoning laws, which often prioritize single-family homes and limit high-density development, have contributed to soaring housing prices and housing shortages in urban areas. They contend that these policies have led to exclusionary practices, making it difficult for young people, low-income families, and minorities to find affordable housing. YIMBYs advocate for more diverse housing options, increased density, and an overall change in the approach to urban development.

There are several key demands of the “Yes in My Back Yard” movement:

  • Diversity in housing: YIMBYs believe in promoting diversity in housing types, including affordable housing, co-living spaces, and micro-apartments, to address the various needs of urban populations.
  • Density and transit: They advocate for increased urban density, which is often linked to improved public transportation systems, making cities more accessible and reducing the need for car ownership.
  • Community engagement: YIMBYs argue for greater community involvement in shaping housing policy. They want to include more voices in the decision-making process to avoid gentrification and displacement while increasing housing supply.
  • Inclusivity: The movement emphasizes that housing should be affordable and accessible for all, regardless of income or background, and aims to create more equitable urban environments.
What Is YIMBY? Introducing the “Yes in My Back Yard” Movement

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