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What’s the importance of entertainment? What’s the “cinema of the mind?”

The hosts of Last Podcast on the Left dive into the nature of entertainment in the episode, “Side Stories: Ham Hands.” Particularly, they show appreciation for personal creative thoughts—a theme resonating with reflective listeners.

Let’s look at why entertainment has such a profound effect on people.

Why We Need Entertainment

Entertainment is a fundamental aspect of human life, providing amusement, enjoyment, and diversion. To fully understand the importance of entertainment in our lives, it is important to understand its various forms and the concept of creativity. Creativity plays a crucial role in personal enjoyment as it allows individuals to engage with entertainment on a deeper level by generating new ideas and perspectives.

Henry Zebrowski philosophizes about entering situations with unique perspectives and the joy found in the “cinema of the mind,” the internal landscape of creativity.

“Cinema of the Mind:” The Personal Sphere of Creativity

One key theme that emerges is the concept of the “cinema of the mind.” This refers to an internal landscape where individuals can unleash their creativity and imagination to create unique experiences within their own minds. It emphasizes that entertainment doesn’t solely rely on external sources but can be cultivated through personal creative expression. By tapping into this internal realm, individuals can find solace, inspiration, and joy.

Escapism also plays a significant role in entertainment. It refers to seeking distraction or relief from unpleasant realities through engaging with various forms of entertainment or fantasy worlds. Private enjoyment allows individuals to temporarily detach themselves from everyday concerns and immerse themselves in alternate realities created by their own minds or external sources such as books, movies, or video games. This notion of private entertainment as a sanctuary is further supported by Holden McNeely, who endorses this inward escapism as a valuable form of amusement.

Looking ahead, technology will likely continue to shape the future of entertainment by enabling further personalization and integration into our daily lives. The ability for individuals to create and consume tailored content based on their unique preferences will become more prevalent. 

The Importance of Entertainment for Creativity and Inspiration

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