Stephen Curry with his mouth open on the basketball court.

Why is Stephen Curry the best basketball player? What’s the importance of team culture in basketball?

In an episode of Smartless, Stephen Curry shines a light on the philosophy that helped him become a renowned basketball player. He emphasizes the importance of a team mentality that improves players’ performance on the court.

Read below for Curry’s basketball philosophy that motivates him during every game.

Stephen Curry’s Basketball Philosophy

On the podcast Smartless, Stephen Curry shared his basketball philosophy, which centers around the importance of balance and simplicity. He experiences a sense of certainty about his shots when he achieves this balance, which can arise from various movements on the court. 

Utilizing a combination of instinctual muscle memory and refined mechanics, he allows for an instinctive shooting approach as long as he is properly balanced. Beyond technique, Curry consciously makes an effort to remain engaged and joyful in the sport, likening his passion for the game to a child-like sense of wonder. 

He expresses that this enduring enthusiasm is key, and its loss would be his cue to retire.

Team Culture and Pursuit of Success

Curry spoke highly of the Golden State Warriors’s team culture, influenced by varied leadership styles, and the impact of coach Steve Kerr’s holistic management approach from basketball wisdom. 

The Warriors’ performance has influenced new talents like teammate Brandon Pajemski, demonstrating the interplay between team culture and player development. 

The team stays motivated through the season by setting incremental goals, fostering a competitive atmosphere and a sense of momentum within the squad.

Navigating Nutrition in Elite Sports

The topic of NBA players’ diets led to a discussion about curiosity regarding players like Chris Paul, who sustain high performance while adhering to a vegan diet. 

Curry expressed intrigue at the dietary diversity among athletes and how diets can maintain high energy levels, using the example of his teammate Chris Paul’s successful vegan lifestyle to illustrate the different nutritional approaches players take to achieve their athletic goals.

Addressing the evolution within the NBA, Curry spoke on the importance of player versatility and how he humorously responds to comments suggesting his influence on the game has led to an overemphasis on three-pointers. 

Expressing the necessity for modern players to adapt to various roles beyond traditional positional play, he portrayed the changing dynamic of basketball and its impact on new talents.


Wardell Stephen Curry II, commonly known as Stephen Curry, is a renowned American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Considered one of the greatest players of all time, Curry has revolutionized the sport with his exceptional shooting skills and has inspired teams and players to embrace three-point shots. Born on March 14, 1988, Curry is a four-time NBA champion, two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), and a nine-time NBA All-Star. His impact on the game extends beyond individual accolades as he has played a pivotal role in leading the Warriors to multiple championships.

To understand this podcast episode fully, basic knowledge of basketball and the NBA is necessary. Additionally, familiarity with Stephen Curry’s career and his team culture with the Golden State Warriors would be helpful. The episode explores several themes such as balance and simplicity in basketball, highlighting their importance for success on both individual and team levels. It also emphasizes how team culture can significantly influence player development and overall success. Furthermore, it delves into the role of diet and nutrition in elite sports performance by mentioning that Curry follows a vegan diet.

The evolution of the NBA is another key aspect discussed in this episode. It acknowledges that basketball strategies have changed over time due to factors like rule modifications and player innovations like three-point shooting—a trend popularized by players like Curry himself. 

Smartless: Stephen Curry Reveals His Secret to Success

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